Tiktoker Vien Vibi "confronted" Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for "ridiculous acting", market

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Recently, the director and producer couple Ly Hai - Minh Ha officially held the first kick-off event for the film project Turn Face 7. A large number of actors came to cast. Prominent among the candidates is female TikToker Vien Vibi.

At the audition, Ly Hai assigned her to act out two situations: a creditor and her sister who raised her younger sister with an unclean job. Vien Vibi's acting in both parts caused the audience to argue fiercely. Many people think that Vien Vibi's acting is overdone, unable to control his b.ody and his dialogue is unclear. Some even frankly commented: "Vien Vibi doesn't know anything about cinema."

VK audience commented: "Vien Vibi should restrain her emotions, b.ody shape and dialogue, it will be better. She is known for her funny and muddy videos, so if she wants to get into cinema, she has to learn a lot." . At the present time, I find it not suitable."

Tiktoker Vien Vibi confronted Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for ridiculous acting, market - Photo 1

Another audience member also expressed his opinion: "Looking at this g.irl acting out a situation, I can't really watch it. Why are you slouching around, rubbing crazily on the floor, overdoing everything? Cinema is life." usually, it has to be real and gentle but touches people's emotions. I wonder if this g.irl knows or not? Acting like that, many young people commented on how good and charming she was. Ly Hai herself also applauded well. ".

Vien Vibi is known as the "agricultural tycoon", often creating content about cooking and farming videos. Her humor and humor attracts nearly 10 million followers on TikTok. Vien Vibi also participated in a number of short films and small sitcoms, which failed to create resonance and lacked depth in content. Therefore, the fact that the female TikToker participated in the movie audition has attracted the audience's attention.

Tiktoker Vien Vibi confronted Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for ridiculous acting, market - Photo 2

Ly Hai's new movie casting also attracted attention with the appearance of many celebrities and TikTokers. Previously, social networks spread the image of beauty queen Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien auditioning for the role, but the information has not been confirmed by her.

In the past, many TikTokers were also entangled in controversy about their acting talent when entering into films. Some names that can be mentioned are: Tran Duc Bo (Tet Ball of Huong Nam), Tran Thanh Tam (Ties of Love), Vy Pham, Le Thuy (The Brutal Family), Le Bong (Our house is very strange! ),...

Tiktoker Vien Vibi confronted Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for ridiculous acting, market - Photo 3

Most recently, Khuong Ngoc's LIVE - Live Stream movie project with the participation of Long Chun, Tina Thao Thi, Hoang Anh Panda, Be 7,... was also called a "box office disaster". Despite choosing a h.ot topic of cyber v.iolence - making m.oney, attracting views regardless, the content is criticized for lacking depth, the "hands-off" TikTokers do not make the movie circuit explode.

However, there are still some TikTokers who receive positive feedback about their acting. Typically, there is Vy Pham in the sitcom Youth Forever Burning, performing with a cast of veteran artists such as People's Artist Kim Xuan, Meritorious Artist My Duyen, Ngan Quynh, Thanh Thuy, Dao Van Anh, Trung Dan,... Vy Pham said she had He was taught by his seniors and learned a lot of experience to fulfill his role well.

Tiktoker Vien Vibi confronted Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for ridiculous acting, market - Photo 4

Actor Hoang Meo once shared that he was very sad to see TikTokers "invading" the film industry. He said: "There are many movies that I go to, but I don't see the shadow of an artist, but there are only TikTokers. I'm so hurt, why do I have to be treated like that with my profession? All around, the cause is A group of TikTokers go c.razy, do all kinds of things, is the movie really that valuable?

Tiktoker Vien Vibi confronted Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for ridiculous acting, market - Photo 5

Artist Trung Dan also openly expressed his opinion about TikTokers going to film: "Here I do not refute or criticize because there are people who have not gone to school who appear in a flash but leave an impression. Those impressions, I hope, are good things for young people to follow, not bad things.

But I want to say whatever you do, you must study, study so we can know the values of the profession, study so we can have knowledge. We do our job properly, do our job properly, and from there we will appreciate our job more. At that time, I thought success would come in the long run."

Tiktoker Vien Vibi confronted Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for ridiculous acting, market - Photo 6

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