Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest?

N.PNov 11, 2022 at 07:59

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The information about the contest that Tran Thanh Tam participated in was recently revealed, making fans surprised. Accordingly, Miss Fabulous International 2022 is a contest for transgender contestants to register to compete.

Although she once announced that she would not compete anymore, but recently, "Hotgirl with fried eggs" Tran Thanh Tam caused a stir when she announced that she would participate in an international beauty arena. This information makes beauty fans surprised and confused. It is known that Tran Thanh Tam has registered to participate in the Miss Fabulous International 2022 contest.

Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest? - Photo 1

However, according to the Miss Fabulous Vietnam page, this is a beauty playground for transgender people held in Chiang Mai, Thailand and this site also encourages transgender people to boldly register to participate. family. This once again caused netizens to have to "hang up and down" because Tran Thanh Tam did not "meet" this criterion.

Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest? - Photo 2

Before this problem, h.ot g.irl Tiktoker wrote on her personal page to correct that this is a contest for transgender and female contestants. And through this contest, Tran Thanh Tam wants to show the audience the desire and desire to bring the crown back to Vietnam. It is known that she is currently practicing her skills and will be competing in December.

Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest? - Photo 3

On the part of the audience, most felt "out of words" before this information because the audience inherently did not have faith in Tran Thanh Tam. She had participated in a domestic competition before and only ended up in the Top 30 in the end. Compared to the standards of a beauty queen, "Hotgirl with fried eggs" has many shortcomings, so many people think that she should only work well as a h.ot Tiktoker.

Moreover, recently, Thanh Tam was also dug again to speak about her English level. Specifically, when asked "Do you know English", Thanh Tam quickly replied: "Yes, I know". This is considered the standard answer "google translate" but is completely wrong in terms of grammatical structure. Therefore, many fans are afraid that Thanh Tam will become "Vietnamese version of Engfa Waraha" when representing the country in international competitions.

Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest? - Photo 4

Recently, Thanh Tam also caused controversy when speaking in defense of Mr. Nawat. Accordingly, one of the things that made Miss Grand International lose heavy points in the eyes of the audience after the 10th anniversary program was in the statement stating the defect Thien An of President Nawat. While thousands of Vietnamese fans are extremely angry, it is rare for someone to sympathize with Mr Nawat after the statement disparaging the appearance of the representative of Vietnam.

Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest? - Photo 5

The person who goes against that majority is TikToker Tran Thanh Tam. Specifically, at the recent event, when asked about Doan Thien An's personal views on B.ody shaming, Tran Thanh Tam shared: "I think this is not b.ody shaming. In previous years, there was a representative out of the top. Mr. Nawat still frankly shared. He is a person of personality, I think we should listen from many sides and give gentle suggestions."

Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest? - Photo 6

However, after that , Tran Thanh Tam immediately corrected: "It was just a random interview question during the event. If you follow, you will see that all participating artists and KOLs will receive them. When answering, Tam quoted the words of "Aunt Dung" about Mr. Nawat's story of disparaging Thien An's appearance. Tam has no intention of making shocking statements to create controversy, defend another contest to communicate for the contest Tam participates in. Tam is trying very hard to let people see Tam through reality. force instead of drama.

Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest? - Photo 7

Tran Thanh Tam is one of the Tiktokers who have signed up to Miss Fitness Vietnam 2022. She was selected to coach Ky Duyen and only ended up in the top 30. During the contest, female Tiktoker received many mixed opinions from the audience when she constantly "kicked" the coaches.

In addition, the audience also said that Tran Thanh Tam's b.ody shape has not yet met the criteria that the competition is aiming for, so practice and tighten muscles to have a more solid b.ody. Most people think that a h.ot g.irl born in 2000 should focus on developing her current job instead of participating in beauty contests.

Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest? - Photo 8

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