Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage

Nam PhươngDec 16, 2022 at 11:01

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Many viewers realized that Tran Thanh Tam had "borrowed" the idea of Miss Doan Thien An and H'Hen Niê in the presentation contest at Miss Fabulous International. Although she invested a lot in the beauty journey, the female tiktoker still left empty-handed.

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 1

On the evening of December 15, the Miss Fabulous International 2022 contest officially took place with the victory belonging to the host country Thailand. Although the organization is small in size and the number of participants is at a record low. However, Tran Thanh Tam - the representative of Vietnam still regrets out of the top 5 and does not receive any additional awards. Right from the first days of joining, Tran Thanh Tam did not receive support from the domestic audience.

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 2

In addition to the loss of sympathy from the poor statement on social networks, most people criticized her beauty for not being suitable for the beauty queen segment. Tran Thanh Tam also revealed poor catwalk skills, a "shy" attitude every time he performed. Specifically, right at the opening contest, Gia La's long-legged leg fell limply. Although there are 8 competitors, in both swimsuit and evening competitions, Tran Thanh Tam always stands at the bottom of the table.

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 3

He once eloquently declared his ability to speak English. However, in the behavioral test, the female tiktoker used Vietnamese and asked for an interpreter. Unfortunately, everything did not go smoothly when the audience caught the error of Tran Thanh Tam, who answered hesitantly and incoherently. In particular, the topic of "language violence" caused the owner to receive many criticisms. Netizens expressed their opinion, Tran Thanh Tam was stoned by the trick she created. The public has repeatedly reminded but the h.ot g.irl has not changed, even has a defiant attitude. Notably, netizens also discovered a few ideas of Tran Thanh Tam similar to the presentation of Miss Doan Thien An and Mai Ngo with the phrase "I was a victim ..." earlier at Miss Grand Vietnam.

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 4

Specifically, the question from the jury is: "You must ask the question what is the problem in society and why can that question help the problem and society become better?"

Tran Thanh Tam replied: "Why is verbal v.iolence on social networks the most painful and condemnable problem in the world today? Because currently, there are many people who have a lot of negativity towards anyone, as long as they see it on social networks, it doesn't matter if they have met or not. I, a victim of v.iolence on social media for many years, hurt and pressured not only me but also my family, loved ones and those around me. In Thailand, there is Miss Thailand 2021 and the world has Miss World 2021, those seemingly beautiful girls have been scorned a lot and I feel this is not fair. Why are you s.tabbing invisible knives into the hearts of people like me. And I, Tran Thanh Tam, come to Miss Fabulous International 2022 today, I hope the world will no longer have v.iolence of words on social networks. Live your life by living your life and stop belittling others."

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 5

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 6

At the Miss Vietnam Peace contest, Thien An said that in the past she weighed 75kg and felt self-conscious about her b.ody. Thien An also shared that she had been a victim of disparaging looks. Then she decided to lose weight.

"I lost 15kg in four months. Due to the rapid weight loss, I had stretch marks on my chest. I used to be self-conscious about my shortcomings, I didn't dare to take exams. We often talk about peace, about struggle. for a better world, but peace will never last if the problem of v.iolence is not resolved. physical animals, or harming someone. But no, v.iolence is divided into many different categories, and I was a victim of verbal v.iolence, of body-shaming after I gained weight." , the beauty shared.

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 7

In addition to Doan Thien An, Tran Thanh Tam was also criticized for giving H'Hen Niê's inspirational saying at Miss Universe 2018 "I can do, you can do it". It is this that makes her judged for her lack of creativity, "following" her seniors to create effects. Unfortunately, all of the above beauties have entered quite high, only Tran Thanh Tam is leaving "empty".

Before Miss Fabulous International, Tran Thanh Tam registered in the Miss Fitness contest - Miss Sports Vietnam and did not achieve any achievements. Backstage, she also announced that this was the last beauty playground she attended a few months later, then suddenly changed her mind.

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 8

Tran Thanh Tam (born in 2000) studied pharmacy at Hong Bang University. She once "caused a fever" thanks to the "drop hearing" trend online "fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter". Since becoming famous, female TikToker has encountered a series of noises about beauty and speech. The sentence that made her receive the most "brick and stone" was: "It is better to study stupidly and m.ake m.oney than those who took the 25, 30 points exam but didn't earn any money". In the face of public pressure, she was forced to apologize to the public.

Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage - Photo 9

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