With all kinds of sophisticated "bookmakers" in the Euro season, the Ministry of Public Security issued a warning

Thanh PhúcJun 22, 2024 at 11:25

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The Euro 2024 season is taking place extremely excitingly, and at the same time, cyberspace is full of "bookies", luring people who love football and games to violate the law and participate in illegal games. healthy.

On June 20, the Ministry of Public Security said that the European Football Championship (EURO) 2024 will take place from June 15 to July 15, 2024, and is a sports event that attracts a large number of fans around the world. The whole world and Vietnam are watching with interest.

This is also a condition for crimes in cyberspace and soccer to become more complicated, especially taking advantage of soccer in cyberspace, which is the cause of many other types of crimes and violations of law such as: Black credit, robbery, property theft... threaten the peaceful and happy life of the people.

With all kinds of sophisticated bookmakers in the Euro season, the Ministry of Public Security issued a warning - Photo 1

The Ministry of Public Security said that taking advantage of football is very diverse in form and scale: from spontaneous, simple, small formations to lines and gangs organized in cyberspace operating inter-provincially and transnationally. , with very sophisticated tricks, the scale of tens of thousands of participants, and the amount of m.oney to gamble up to trillions of dong. There is a football exploitation ring formed by the leaders of professional g.ambling organizations connected with the subjects, the bookies manage the Web sites, and have servers located abroad to set up subdivisions for players. Centipede organizations take advantage of football in cyberspace in Vietnam, with many attractive forms of advertising and solicitation publicly in Vietnamese. Players only need to have devices connected to the Internet, register for a member account, and open personal accounts at banks to participate.

With all kinds of sophisticated bookmakers in the Euro season, the Ministry of Public Security issued a warning - Photo 2

In particular, many players are given accounts and passwords along with an advance amount of virtual m.oney. If they lose and do not have m.oney to pay, they may be f.orced to pay by these subjects, such as: forcing them to pay. Illegally detaining people, confiscating property or hiring criminals to collect debt...

Criminals taking advantage of football in cyberspace have taken full advantage of the development of science and technology, which is increasingly complex and sophisticated, but all criminal acts leave traces and will be punished by law enforcement. detection, investigation and strict handling functions.

With all kinds of sophisticated bookmakers in the Euro season, the Ministry of Public Security issued a warning - Photo 3

To proactively prevent and f.ight crimes in the form of taking advantage of football in cyberspace, the Ministry of Public Security recommends:

Every citizen should be fully aware of the good entertainment values of the sport of football, watch football with a healthy entertainment mentality;

Pay attention to management, education, and mobilization of relatives and people around to increase vigilance. In case of detecting subjects with suspicious signs related to taking advantage of football, it is necessary to promptly report the denunciation to the nearest police agency for reception and resolution.

With all kinds of sophisticated bookmakers in the Euro season, the Ministry of Public Security issued a warning - Photo 4

The Ministry of Public Security requests press and media agencies to actively participate in propaganda and warnings to raise awareness and vigilance for the people, and coordinate to detect crimes and violations of law related to the law. football, contributing to ensuring order, social safety and peaceful life of the People, especially during the EURO 2024 season.

The Ministry of Public Security said that in recent times, police units and localities have destroyed many lines and gangs organizing to take advantage of football via the Internet. Typically: December 2023, TT Provincial Police. Hue busted a football exploitation ring, using accounts on agbong88.com, arrested 9 subjects with a total transaction amount of over 3.5 million USD in more than 1 month, equivalent to about 176 billion VND.

With all kinds of sophisticated bookmakers in the Euro season, the Ministry of Public Security issued a warning - Photo 5

April 2024, City Police. Ho Chi Minh destroyed a network of organizations taking advantage of football over the internet led by Tang Van Khai using 03 accounts to log into ibet888 with a limit of 1,000,000 points, equivalent to 6 billion VND; In June 2024, Da Nang City Police destroyed a network of organizations taking advantage of football via the internet led by Nguyen Van Trung with a football account limit of 100,000 Yen, equivalent to 1 billion VND.

With all kinds of sophisticated bookmakers in the Euro season, the Ministry of Public Security issued a warning - Photo 6

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