Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro "prophet" sought after by fans

Bút MáyJun 21, 2024 at 15:03

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Chien Thang is a famous comedian in the Northern comedy industry with his solo comedy segment. When it comes to Chien Thang, the audience cannot forget the comedy solo series Talking Badly About Your Wife and the very famous image of Nhat Tinh Ngao from the comedy series Unmarried Village.

Besides a series of Tet comedies and comedy skits, Chien Thang also appeared on the small screen as Van Minh in the new version of Red Number. Famous for his humorous and witty roles, Chien Thang comes from a rather difficult background.

He was born in 1975 in a poor family in Vinh Phuc. Chien Thang had to work as a laborer from a young age to make ends meet and help his family. He did not mind any job such as selling ice cream, carrying bricks for hire... When taking the university entrance exam, Chien Thang continued to take on jobs: tiling, carving tombstones, sculpting statues, painting...

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 1

He also served time in the military as a border guard in Ha Giang. Chien Thang graduated with a major in vocal music from the Military College of Culture and Arts.

In 2006, Chien Thang became famous for his solo comedy series Badmouthing His Wife. Since then, he quickly joined the ranks of famous and extremely expensive comedians in the North. Besides his talent in comedy, Chien Thang also has a good and inspiring voice. In 2013, Chien Thang released the comedy music album Cho Satisfy You, including 7 songs that were loved by the audience.

However, even though he is famous, Chien Thang cannot avoid difficulties in love. He soon divorced his first wife after having two children together. However, Chien Thang rarely mentions this marriage. In 1994, Chien Thang married his high school classmate, Thanh Tam.

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 2

The couple appeared a lot in the media and were admired by the public for their pure, poetic love. By June 2015, Chien Thang and Thanh Tam divorced, they had a young daughter together.

In 2016, Chien Thang met a woman 18 years younger than him. But when he was about to register her marriage, he discovered that she already had a husband and children of her own. In 2017, Chien Thang held a wedding with his third wife named Thu Ngoc, 15 years younger than him.

However, after 6 months of living together, the couple decided to go to court for divorce because "their relationship had run out". But less than 3 months after the divorce, Chien Thang and Thu Ngoc decided to reunite.

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 3

After remarrying his third wife, both of them became more mature, more humble, and more sympathetic to the other half. The couple's home is complete with a new member - little Bin, who turns four this year.

Becoming a father at the age of 40, Chien Thang is often teased by many friends as "an old father". But for an actor welcoming a c.hild, witnessing him go through each stage of learning to talk and walk, is happiness.

The artist proudly said that even though his son has not yet gone to kindergarten, he likes to sing, can say some simple English words, and likes to imitate adults. She often watches her father's comedy videos, and most remembers the character Ngao that Chien Thang played in The Unmarried Village. Occasionally, the b.oy turned to look at his father and called out, "Ngao!, Ngao!". I said.

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 4

Chien Thang's stepchildren also live with him and his wife. Both husband and wife agreed to treat the children equally, not letting any c.hild feel sorry or disadvantaged.

The actor said the children are funny, playful, and tease each other all day at home. The artist said: "The children are all hard-working and obedient. During the pandemic, they stayed at home to study online, and I didn't know the program to tutor them, but they were self-aware and helped each other. Later, my children will work as a profession." I support anything, as long as I become a good person and useful to society."

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 5

The marriage was stable, and Chien Thang's work also became smoother. The male comedian revealed that his wife enthusiastically supported her husband in arranging performance schedules and managing finances.

At peak times, Chien Thang ran up to 4 shows a day with an income of hundreds of millions/day. Chien Thang often drives himself to and from performance venues and will try to return home immediately after the show ends.

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 6

He humorously shared that his income is not stable, but luckily, with just one show, he can support his wife and children for a whole month. In 2019, Chien Thang made many people admire him when he bought a white Mercedes GLC 300. To get this car, the male comedian spent about 2.3 billion VND.

Currently, Chien Thang's family is living in a 120m2 3-storey villa in Vinh Phuc. This house was completed by the male comedian in 2016, at that time the construction cost of the villa was 5 billion VND. Chien Thang said this is the result he achieved after 2 years of running the show.

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 7

Recently, a comedy clip of Chien Thang accidentally became viral when he was considered an incredibly accurate "prophet" about the outcome of the Portuguese match at the Euro.

Sharing with the press, artist Chien Thang said that after the video was shared, he received many messages asking and chatting. There were so many messages that he had to limit the number of people interacting on his personal page.

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 8

According to artist Chien Thang, the clip that is attracting attention on social networks was cut from the comedy film Tien Tung... cash-strapped directed by Tran Binh Trong and produced in September 2010.

The film was filmed in 8 days, 4 times the time of a normal comedy skit, with the participation of a number of actors such as: People's Artist Cong Ly, Binh Trong, Quoc Quan, Dai My, Thu Huyen...

Artist Chien Thang said that Tien Tung... is short on m.oney is the story of Tien and Tung reeling in the cycle of making a living. From the countryside, the two men went to the city to make a lot of m.oney quickly and then returned to their original starting point. The story is intended to awaken rural people. If they do not have knowledge and tools for life, they are easily tempted.

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 9

"The movie has a part where I act as a "fortune teller" and talk about football scores. I improvised the dialogue while sitting with my co-stars and was not in the script. I was surprised by a funny episode, the way it was written. 14 years ago, it was exactly the same match on the evening of June 18 this year.

But I repeat, that's just a joke in the movie. I hope everyone watches football in a healthy, civilized manner, does not participate in football b.etting, and should not expect luck to change their lives because behind them is the whole family...", he said frankly. .

Chien Thang: remarried for the 3rd time with a wife 15 years younger, Euro prophet sought after by fans - Photo 10

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