Before the EURO 2024 season, pirated viewing websites were widespread, and "bookmakers" ran rampant

T.PJun 13, 2024 at 17:18

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Before the exciting football season of Euro 2024, a series of advertisements from "bookmakers", disguised to attract soccer players, gave true fans a headache, trying to avoid them and hoping for the authorities. strictly prohibited.

Nowadays, watching football matches is no longer too difficult, because there are more and more pirated, uncopyrighted football streaming sites appearing. Just go to Google and type in the keywords "watch football online", "watch football online"... you will find a series of websites broadcasting live football matches. What's special is that these soccer viewing sites are full of soccer matches from European, Asian, and American championships.

Before the EURO 2024 season, pirated viewing websites were widespread, and bookmakers ran rampant - Photo 1

Mr. B (Ha Dong, Hanoi) is a true fan of pirated football sites. He often uses his mobile phone to watch football matches without paying attention to copyright. Mr. B said: "On weekends, I often watch football matches via mobile phone. Although many tournaments are copyrighted by units in Vietnam and broadcast on their own platforms, I mainly still Watch on pirated websites. Simply because you don't need to log in to an account like pay TV."

Before the EURO 2024 season, pirated viewing websites were widespread, and bookmakers ran rampant - Photo 2

That's right, when typing the keyword "live football", besides results like VTV, FPT Play, a series of other addresses appear right in the first result. The content is taken from foreign sources, then the site's logo as well as advertising images for illegal soccer services are inserted.

Currently, X TV is one of the most popular soccer viewing websites. Here there are all the matches from all continents... Viewers who want to see a match can click on it very easily. In particular, this is the website that many people consider to be the most stable in terms of transmission, even more than copyrighted soccer viewing sites. Viewers can not only enjoy soccer matches with good transmission lines and super sharp images, but also hear match commentary from professional commentators no less than famous broadcasters.

Before the EURO 2024 season, pirated viewing websites were widespread, and bookmakers ran rampant - Photo 3

Pirated websites are used by many people, although they are not official, they are widespread across the platform

Mr. D (Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) shared: "My friends and I often watch site X simply because the images and sound are very good. I also heard that this is a pirated website but because it is very easy to access Easy, and has a team of professional commentators. The only thing that makes many people uncomfortable is that this website constantly inserts ads, which are mainly banners leading to "bookmaker" pages. Not only that, while commenting on the progress of the match, the commentators also did not forget to advertise the bookmaker websites."

Before the EURO 2024 season, pirated viewing websites were widespread, and bookmakers ran rampant - Photo 4

In January 2024, the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information (Ministry of Information and Communications) announced 403 websites showing signs of violating the law in 2023. Including up to 6 websites of X TV, This is a site specializing in pirated international sports tournaments on the Internet since 2016, developed by an anonymous group.

Before the EURO 2024 season, pirated viewing websites were widespread, and bookmakers ran rampant - Photo 5

Many websites are strictly prohibited but still spring up like mushrooms

Before the European Football Championship (Euro 2024) is about to take place, pirated online football viewing websites have begun to hang advertising banners at the top of the homepage, accompanied by very specific b.etting odds. the player "bets now". Not only that, many sites also have promotional programs such as giving 100% up to 10 million VND for the first deposit; 30% bonus up to 15 million for the 2nd time onwards...

Before the EURO 2024 season, pirated viewing websites were widespread, and bookmakers ran rampant - Photo 6

In addition to websites, on the social network Facebook, groups related to illegal football games are also actively operating, openly soliciting, many groups have hundreds of thousands of members participating.

Before the EURO 2024 season, pirated viewing websites were widespread, and bookmakers ran rampant - Photo 7

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