Doan Hai My was skinny after giving birth, her b.ody ached, pity Doan Van Hoc because of 1 thing

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Recently, WAG Doan Hai My took advantage of her c.hild's sleep to go online "eight" with fans. Here, Doan Van Hau's wife suddenly shared about her postpartum health condition.

Accordingly, since Hai My gave birth to her first c.hild to Doan Van Hau, the topics that fans shared with her revolved around the life of her diaper mother. Like many diaper mothers who are raising their children, Doan Hai My devotes all her time and mind to her little son nicknamed "Rice".

Doan Hai My said that she was not stressed in the early stages of giving birth to the b.aby "Rice". Because next to WAG, there is always Van Hau to share and help take care of her children. Attached to the answer is the image of Van Hau gently holding his son in his arms, holding the c.hild for his wife to rest. In addition to Van Hau, Doan Hai My is supported by both her mother-in-law and her birth mother to take care of their children. In addition, at night, her family also hires a babysitter to take care of b.aby Lua. Therefore, Doan Hai My's life as a diaper mother is quite light.

Doan Hai My was skinny after giving birth, her b.ody ached, pity Doan Van Hoc because of 1 thing - Photo 1

With the support from her grandmother and grandmother in taking care of b.aby Lua, Doan Hai My feels extremely lucky. This helps her have more time to rest and recover her health, ensuring rest to have plenty of milk.

Doan Hai My confided: "I'm just worried about all the b.aby's expressions. I think every mother will go through such a psychological stage. For example, if you see a b.aby sneezing, you are also scared, and if you hear wheezing, you have to ask the doctor immediately, because it is the first time and you have no experience. Now I'm much calmer."

Doan Hai My was skinny after giving birth, her b.ody ached, pity Doan Van Hoc because of 1 thing - Photo 2

Doan Hai My said that after giving birth, although she did not diet, she still became thinner because she always had to pump milk to feed her b.aby. Forgetting to take calcium also makes mothers in diapers ache all the time. Van Hau's wife advised the diaper mothers' association to take good care of their bodies to recover after giving birth to have the strength to take care of their children.

In addition to sharing about herself, Doan Hai My also posted a photo of Doan Van Hau with sweat after the training session. Hai My said that Van Hau is training every day so that he can return to the field soon. As the closest companion to Van Hau, his wife understands better than anyone the impatience and hard work of the player born in 1999, looking forward to the day when he can return to dedicate himself to the club and the Vietnamese team.

Doan Hai My was skinny after giving birth, her b.ody ached, pity Doan Van Hoc because of 1 thing - Photo 3

"Mr. Hau is practicing every day so that he can come back soon. Hopefully everything will be favorable, soon recover to be dedicated to the club and the Vietnamese team. Because really Mr. Hau is very anxious to come back," Doan Hai My shared.

The reason for Doan Van Hau's absence on the field after holding a wedding with Doan Hai My in November last year was revealed earlier. The male player unfortunately suffered a heel injury and was forced to miss the matches of the Vietnamese team under Coach Troussier.

Doan Hai My was skinny after giving birth, her b.ody ached, pity Doan Van Hoc because of 1 thing - Photo 4

Sharing about this incident, CAHN Club once informed: "According to the initial diagnoses, Van Hau's semi-achilles tendon inflammation will take 3 to 6 months to fully recover. This is the biggest loss for the defending V.League champion."

Not long after making the above announcement, Doan Van Hau made fans happy when he announced the good news. He said that the injury is gradually recovering well and hopes to return to play in phase 2. However, the second leg of the V.League 2023/2024 only has 5 rounds left, but Doan Van Hau has not yet been able to return to training. Doan Hai My's husband had to take a break for the rest of this year's football season.

Doan Hai My was skinny after giving birth, her b.ody ached, pity Doan Van Hoc because of 1 thing - Photo 5

Absent from the field, Doan Van Hau spends time taking care of his family, helping his wife take care of his first c.hild. However, according to Doan Hai My, the male player always balances work on both sides, trains hard and looks forward to returning to the field soon.

Doan Hai My was skinny after giving birth, her b.ody ached, pity Doan Van Hoc because of 1 thing - Photo 6

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