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Elderly woman asks for charity items to move out of mansion, neighbors gape to know "new home"

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:33:50 04/04/2024
New information about the elderly woman asking for charity items, scavenging living in a tens of billions villa in Hanoi surprised many people. It is known that the elderly woman has left the villa and moved to a new place, and neighbors also expressed joy when they heard the news.

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Ngoc Trinh shed tears when sharing her heart about the recent incident with Tra Vinh's relatives

Mẫn Nhi14:49:28 01/04/2024
Jade Trinh had finally accomplished what she had been keeping in her heart for so long. Recently, the model and her team had a very meaningful charity trip in her hometown of Tra Vinh.

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Ngoc Trinh is trying to get back the precious thing after the noise, preparing to return to showbiz?

Mẫn Nhi15:20:06 23/03/2024
After being entangled in labor, Ngoc Trinh lost something that was her personal brand, which was her perfect figure with 3 admirable curves. That's why she is currently trying to get it back as soon as possible. the better.

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Den Vau openly "cheated" and wrongly transferred charity m.oney, but no one dared to blame him

Kim Lâm13:32:54 21/03/2024
Revenue from the song Cooking for You will be donated by Den Vau to poor children in remote areas. However, the male rapper's act of transferring the wrong amount of m.oney was discovered by the audience, who humorously thought that he was dishonest in matters of charity m.oney.

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Ngoc Trinh made poor people cry and worked hard to do charity after the incident

Minh Ngọc10:09:53 19/03/2024
Ngoc Trinh after the incident had many positive and more sympathetic changes in the eyes of the public. Recently, the model moved many people when she shared the moment when poor people burst into tears and hugged her.

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Hoa Minzy shared fans' comments, the content touched many people

Mẫn Nhi14:43:43 16/03/2024
Hoa Minzy is not only loved for her musical talent, cheerful and friendly personality, but she is also admired by the audience for her love for people. She has repeatedly spent her own m.oney to support difficult situations, making her fans extremely proud.

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HH Kim Anh commented: Tran Thanh film is a charitable way for people to live well"

Hoàng Trang15:18:37 14/03/2024
Miss Kim Anh's latest share about Tran Thanh's movie is causing a lot of controversy on social networks, because the beauty believes that the male MC is doing charity to help people through movies.

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Mai Phuong wore a Ba Ba shirt to compete in Miss World, singing the hit NewJeans with Miss Korea

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:34:06 20/02/2024
After being present in India to conquer the Miss World 2023 crown, all of Mai Phuong's activities received special attention from beauty fans. Recently, the representative of Vietnam attracted attention when wearing costumes

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My Tam, who is not married, is still happy, reveals how to charity without being involved

JLO09:50:37 12/02/2024
Singer My Tam is considered a monument of the Vietnamese music industry. Not only is she a great contributor to art, she is a beautiful artist figure who has a strong position in the hearts of fans because of her professionalism and life personality.

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Ngoc Trinh before getting involved in the labor cycle, worked hard for charity for ten years

Mẫn Nhi20:20:06 03/02/2024
Although her name comes with many scandals, Ngoc Trinh has always won a certain affection from most audiences, friends and colleagues thanks to her enthusiastic, chivalrous, macho personality, always helping others.

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Homeless old man and woman asking for charity: Picked up on VTV twice, went home at night for 100 billion

Minh Lợi12:05:56 24/01/2024
VTV24 recently reported on the situation of homeless people sitting around on major streets in Hanoi at night begging for food and m.oney from sponsors. These groups take advantage of cold weather days to practice.

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Do Mixi was wary when the station was "undercover" during the livestream, and gingerly said this

Thiên Di13:30:25 29/12/2023
During a recent livestream, Do Mixi was surprised to see the VTV account come in to watch. The male streamer then couldn't help but be wary and recalled the noise from the past, and at the same time, spoke up to confirm this about himself.

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Duy Manh "exposes" the philanthropic trick of a series of Vietnamese stars, r.evealing the dark side of showbiz.

An Nhi16:27:09 21/12/2023
Duy Manh had a status line exposing the dark corners of Vietnamese showbiz. Accordingly, the male singer frankly accused many artists of taking advantage of charity to promote their names. His shared line is currently receiving a lot of attention from the online community.

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Hoai Linh reappeared after making a big fuss about charity m.oney. The audience's attitude made the online community curious

Vân Anh18:28:54 19/12/2023
After a long period of silence on social networks, male artist Hoai Linh appeared on a stage in Ho Chi Minh City. The clip recording this moment immediately attracted a lot of attention from the online community.

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Mixi Degrees hit the 'rice contribution' season, which in a few days earned hundreds of millions, worthy of the title of 'MixiGaming tribe'

Trí Nhi09:53:08 06/12/2023
Patriarch Mixi is no longer a strange name for young people. In addition to her humorous and muddy personality when livestreaming, Do Mixi is also known as a bright example who is always active in volunteer movements.

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MC Quyen Linh took 6 billion in cash for charity, ran out of m.oney, then went big and borrowed another hundred million to continue

T.P16:39:32 23/11/2023
MC Quyen Linh recounted the story of his charity work, holding a deposit of 5-6 billion but giving it all to the poor. The male MC's behavior made people even more grateful. When the game was big, he borrowed hundreds of millions more to continue giving it to people.

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The couple spent all their wedding savings to do something meaningful?

Thanh Thanh16:14:04 18/11/2023
Recently, a couple spent all their savings on a lavish wedding to do something meaningful. Their actions immediately attracted the attention of the online community and received many compliments.

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Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a "moral" clip about humanity before Miss Universe?

Gia Hoàng10:08:02 26/10/2023
Recently, although there has been no noise on social networks, it can be seen that Miss Universe Vietnam is gradually preparing to compete in the international arena in the near future.

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Bui Quynh Hoa reappeared "in hiding" because of the noise, actively engaged in social activities to "conquer" Miss Universe

Uyển Đình09:45:29 25/10/2023
Right after being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, Bui Quynh Hoa was constantly caught up in noise, she also retreated to hide to avoid the storm. Recently, people discovered that the queen appeared at a charity event in Da Lat with an attention-grabbing look.

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Lona Kieu Loan 'h.ot face' accused a monk of defrauding charity m.oney, blatantly appropriating more than 700 million

Pinky13:40:58 24/10/2023
The runner-up, singer Lona Kieu Loan has just made a post that caused a stir, when he directly accused a monk, who is the abbot of two famous temples, of more than 700 million charity m.oney. The internet was shocked, frustrated on behalf of the female artist.

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Cinderella burst into tears because she witnessed something, learning MC Quyen Linh's three cheating styles

Ning Jing08:13:48 14/10/2023
Tuan Tran choked up, MC Quyen Linh's two daughters choked up when they witnessed the difficult situation at the Viet Family Shelter. That's why the two princesses of the Quyen Linh family learned the habit of cheating from their father.

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Bui Quynh Hoa turned out to be revealed, secretly doing something no one knew about, her "strange" beauty became the focus

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:16:49 12/10/2023
Bui Quynh Hoa is currently the name that attracts the attention of fans after a series of scandals were exposed after w.inning Miss Universe Vietnam 2023. Recently, the image is said to be the only time Bui Quynh Hoa has appeared recently. strongly shared.

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Hoai Linh appeared at the 100 billion Patriarch's temple quietly, but her close-up appearance changed one thing.

An Nhi12:24:54 26/09/2023
The latest images of Meritorious Artist Hoai Linh after the trial of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang have attracted attention from the online community. It can be seen that the male artist's appearance has changed compared to previous times.

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My Tam suddenly revealed her plans to get married, making fans excited

Yaya07:33:47 25/09/2023
Taking on the role of judge of Vietnam Idol 2023, in a recent live show, brown-haired actress My Tam caused a stir when she revealed about getting married and having children.

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