Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis

Minh LợiApr 23, 2024 at 10:31

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Tho Nguyen used to be a famous name in the Vietnamese YouTube community with million-view videos for children. However, after announcing her retirement in 2021, she had a spectacular transformation, surprising many people.

Instead of the familiar simple, sweet image, Tho Nguyen is now bolder and more personal with s.exy costumes, impressive makeup styles and artistic photo shoots.

Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis - Photo 1

Accompanying the change in image is Tho Nguyen's challenging statement "Mixed Mine Poetry". She affirmed that she is no longer the Tho Nguyen of the past, and is ready to face gossip and criticism from public opinion.

Recently, she even banned antis from calling her Tho Nguyen, instead, she is now just Hong Tho (her real name).

She wrote: "If the page can be read, please change it to Hong Tho, Tho Nguyen has been deleted.

When I scrolled through the comments, I saw that not only men but also women jumped in to look at my flat bust. It turns out, you guys are still so "thirsty".

Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis - Photo 2

But I believe many of those people are always labeled as civilized people, anti-body shaming, hidden in that civilization is a "thirst" for cheap. At least it's only a few thousand compared to the assets of someone who uses their youth to work and retires, spending m.oney at the age of 33 is not worth much.

Your bust can fill your brain, but it's only worth a few meals in my restaurant, and it takes 10 hours to go out after eating. My b.ody, my choice. Bad guys are not scary, bad guys disguised as civilized people are more scary."

Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis - Photo 3

In another post, the female youtuber sarcastically criticized the dirty media for intentionally demonizing her.

"I told you, I shouted once and it was up, that's so good.

You don't need the media, the media needs you.

But I see that flop. With 11 million followers, why do you have so many hundreds of likes? I share "charity" so you can earn every penny to be filial to your parents. It's also considered a blessing after many years of filial piety to me.

Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis - Photo 4

And this time, remember to buy more ropes, nose piercings and all, so you can lead the cows back to the barn. I see you've found a lot of cow brains this time. That's too much.

Y (Name of an electronic news site) is so "reputable" that it can quickly post articles on all sites. The tabloids aren't fast enough, I shouted, hurry up and write the article and let me go. It's been 2 days. "Your rice and soup are cold," Tho Nguyen was angry.

It is known that this is not the first time Tho Nguyen has expressed frustration with antis on social networks.

Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis - Photo 5

Recently, in addition to responding to negative comments, Tho Nguyen also dug up old scandals. She told the story in detail with the aim of exonerating herself. Recently, she also recalled the noisy bathtub clip 7 years ago.

Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis - Photo 6

Accordingly, the clip that Tho Nguyen mentioned was cut from the main 13-minute video that Tho Nguyen filmed a few years ago.

In the clip spread on social networks, Tho Nguyen is lying in a jelly bathtub and making quite offensive "moaning" sounds, causing frustration from many people. Although she explained that it was just a cramp and not a moan, she still encountered a strong boycott from the online community.

After 7 years, Tho Nguyen spoke up: "I don't repost to whitewash. I repost to express what I have endured.

Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis - Photo 7

The s.hock of 2017 was huge for me. Imagine being a country g.irl, only knowing how to eat, study, spend her free time sitting in the library and then teaching. While filming the clip, I asked my sister for a lotus pink lipstick to apply. Hometown is more than the word countryside, but that day people stamped it out and it wasn't my fault.

My family at that time was in a crisis, and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get married in the future. Everyone rushes in and bites, not knowing right from wrong."

Closing the issue, Tho Nguyen said: "Bad people are not scary, what's scary is that those childish thoughts are labeled kind."

Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis - Photo 8

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