Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years

Phúc SenMay 24, 2024 at 16:05

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Miss Thanh Mai is an overseas beauty who had a very close relationship with the late actress Duc Tien. Shocked when her close friend passed away, Thanh Mai could not hide her emotions, netizens also began to scrutinize Thanh Mai's identity.

Thanh Mai won the top prize at the Miss Asia Global 2015 contest in Japan. She creates sympathy with her dedication to beautifying women and her volunteer activities. Thanh Mai also regularly works with Duc Tien to carry out community projects in Vietnam.

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 1

Immediately after hearing the news of Duc Tien's d.eath, Thanh Mai could not hide her s.hock and found it difficult to accept the truth. Speaking recently in the media, Thanh Mai said: "I have been close to Duc Tien for 6 years so I am very shocked. He often comes to my beauty salon. We have worked together for many years. Duc Tien is very healthy. , there was no sign at all. Before he died, he was the one who locked the door and left with me.

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 2

Duc Tien wanted to eat with me to chat, but I was busy so I left first. I know that Duc Tien had a lot to confide in recently, after returning from Vietnam to the US, but I was busy so I couldn't talk much. When he returned from Vietnam, everyone praised Duc Tien for being thinner and more beautiful. He also boasted that he had lost more than 4kg, so happy.

Before he passed away, Duc Tien also brought me two custard apples, cut them up and sat down to eat. He is very cute, he brings any delicious fruit at home for his friends to eat. That night, when I heard the news, I intended to go to the hospital to visit Duc Tien but was told I couldn't go in. I called Binh Phuong (Duc Tien's wife) and Phuong cried, saying Duc Tien had left and was doing the procedures.

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 3

Duc Tien has been by my side for many years, a pure friendship, so I'm very sad, like I've lost something precious. But Duc Tien passed away peacefully. Thanks to the blessing, he walked without pain, had enough to eat, played happily with friends, and had his wife and children by his side.

Duc Tien deserves it because he has done so many good things for people. He is always the one in the middle to make peace with the friends around him. In particular, in recent months, Duc Tien's personality has changed a lot and changed very strangely. Previously, Duc Tien went to parties without cooking or cleaning anything, but recently he bought his own food to cook for everyone to eat.

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 4

Duc Tien is also a person who takes great care of his family. When he recently returned to Vietnam, he even bragged to me that he could spend a few days with his mother. For many years now, Duc Tien has completely taken care of his mother in Vietnam, not allowing her to do anything.

Duc Tien has never had any conflicts with colleagues, everyone he meets is happy. Trizzie Phuong Trinh and I, along with a number of fellow artists, are gathering to help Binh Phuong take care of Duc Tien's perfect funeral. Trizzie Phuong Trinh hasn't slept in recent days and is very listless."

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 5

Previously in 2021, Miss Asia Global 2015 Thanh Mai became the adoptive mother of the daughter of actor Duc Tien and Miss Binh Phuong. During b.aby Phuong Mai's baptism at the church, she was also present to celebrate with her family.

Having won the top prize at the Miss Asia Global 2015 contest in Japan, beauty Thanh Mai also created sympathy for the Vietnamese community thanks to her achievements in training in the hair and nail industry.. .

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 6

Having a close relationship with actor Duc Tien and Miss Binh Phuong, Miss Thanh Mai wants to be the b.aby's adoptive mother. That's why the artist couple's daughter is named Phuong Mai - a combination of the names of her biological mother and adoptive mother.

Actor Duc Tien during his lifetime said he not only admired Thanh Mai's talent but also admired his daughter's adoptive mother from a moral perspective. She regularly spends time and resources on volunteer trips abroad as well as domestically. That is also what he wants his daughter to learn from her adoptive mother to develop her thinking and intelligence in the future.

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 7

Not only honored for her social activities, Miss Businesswoman Thanh Mai is also admired by audiences and friends for establishing the "Vietnamese-American Heart" charity fund, which has operated very effectively for a long time. .

In 2023, at the City People's Voice Theater. Ho Chi Minh City, with her silent contributions to charity and social work, Miss Businesswoman Thanh Mai was honored as Businesswoman with a Compassionate Heart for the Community 2023. Receiving this honor, the queen was moved. shared: "Thanh Mai feels happy to receive this title. Thanh Mai herself, when doing volunteer work or helping poor and unlucky people, does not think she will be grateful or honored. Thanh Mai only acting according to her love and emotions when encountering poor situations. Actually, Thanh Mai felt happy when she received this meaningful title for the first time.

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 8

The 2023 Entrepreneur with a Compassionate Heart for the Community A.ward adds energy and enthusiasm for Thanh Mai to continue contributing and sharing to help the poor and less fortunate in life feel warm and less difficult. more different".

Thanh Mai: Adopted Duc Tien, a close friend of the late actor for 6 years - Photo 9

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