Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder

Bút MáyMay 20, 2024 at 07:22

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On the afternoon of May 19, Le Quyen, husband and wife Ly Hai - Minh Ha, Dan Truong, Thuy Nga, Xuan Lan, Cat Tuong... simultaneously wrote a farewell letter to actor and supermodel Duc Tien. The actor recently passed away at the age of 44 due to a heart attack.

Lam Khanh Chi expressed his condolences when he wrote on his personal Facebook: "Dear Duc Tien, sleep well. I love you, I'm so sorry." However, below this post, she caused anger for spreading the image of Duc Tien during an emergency.

It is known that this photo was taken from Duc Tien's close friend's facetime so that close friends could see his face one last time. This close friend also advised on his personal page: "Everyone who asked Huong to facetime to see Mr. Tien for the last time, please stop using pictures of him in the hospital."

Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder - Photo 1

Accordingly, many people disagree with Lam Khanh Chi publicly posting the last moments of his colleague's life. Most netizens advised Lam Khanh Chi to remove this image to keep the beautiful image of the deceased in the eyes of the public.

Netizens even left many critical comments saying that she was too insensitive, deliberately publicizing her image to "get" interaction. Not only the audience but supermodel Xuan Lan also reminded Lam Khanh Chi: "Delete this photo, protect her image." However, after more than an hour, she still made no move to remove this image

Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder - Photo 2

Previously, actor Hieu Hien encountered a "storm" of anger when he posted the deceased image of the late artist Chi Tai on social networks. Hieu Hien's actions made many artists like Hari Won, Nguyen Hong Thuan... extremely upset.

After that, the actor had to speak up and admit his mistake and apologize to the public. When artists Anh Vu and Mai Phuong passed away, they also encountered a similar situation, many artists directly condemned YouTubers and audiences for deliberately taking photos at the end of the deceased's life and then posting them on social networks to "fish" for them. interact.

Duc Tien Tien was born in 1980, his hometown is Dong Nai. Graduating from the University of Technical Education, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, he is determined to pursue a showbiz career as a model.

In the 2000s, Duc Tien belonged to a generation of male models with a place. He has a handsome face, mixed with Asian and European beauty, and good height. In his fashion career, Duc Tien won the Model Star gold cup in Korea.

Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder - Photo 3

As a familiar face of Dep Fashion Show 1,2,3,4, Fashion & Life, Fashion A and many other fashion shows, Duc Tien also has many advertising photography shows for phone and car brands. .

Not only making an impression on the catwalk, Duc Tien also proves his acting ability in many other fields such as MC and actor.

Duc Tien got acquainted with movies in Vortex of Love in 2005. He played the villain Vu - a young playboy, addicted to g.ambling, boyfriend of Lieu (Nhu Phuc). His sly eyes, smirk, and petty tricks made viewers hate Vu's character.

Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder - Photo 4

Even though he's just an amateur, Duc Tien was praised for his first acting performance. The film became a turning point that helped Duc Tien switch to a film career.

After that, he continued to attract attention in many other film projects such as: Pearl Island Love Story, Foggy Slope, Sorry Love...

In 2010, when he was at the peak of his career, Duc Tien suddenly announced his marriage to Miss Ao Dai Dallas - Binh Phuong. The two first met at the Miss Vietnam World 2007 contest and fell in love with each other because of the other person's enthusiasm and sincerity. After 3 years of courtship, they decided to get married.

Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder - Photo 5

After getting married, Binh Phuong chose to return to the US to continue pursuing her studies, while Duc Tien stayed in Vietnam to maintain artistic activities. The couple had a challenging time in their long-distance relationship. At that time, Duc Tien faced many rumors about his sexuality. Although Binh Phuong was confused, she always chose to trust her husband.

In 2013, Duc Tien announced that he was temporarily suspending his artistic work in Vietnam to settle in the US with his wife's family. This decision of his made many viewers regret.

Duc Tien and his wife welcomed their first c.hild in July 2020, after 10 years of marriage. The birth of their daughter created a major turning point in the married life of Duc Tien and his wife. Since having children, both have learned to be patient and share with each other.

Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder - Photo 6

Recently, Duc Tien attracted attention when he returned to the screen with the movie Fragile Flower directed by Mai Thu Huyen. Talking about his return to cinema after many years of settling in the US, Duc Tien said: "I am still very passionate about art. Even though I don't act in films, I am still active in many different artistic fields overseas." .

A few days ago, he still appeared in entertainment shows and events abroad. Because of that, the news of Duc Tien's passing left many colleagues in s.hock.

Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder - Photo 7

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