Duc Tien's aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events

Nguyễn KimMay 30, 2024 at 19:51

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Passing away suddenly at the age of 44, Duc Tien surprised, shocked, and mourned many people. Many people do not believe that his passing is true. After the funeral and burial ceremony, a large number of writers, artists, relatives, and audiences came to visit Duc Tien.

At dawn on May 30 (Vietnam time), Duc Tien's funeral took place in the US. Many overseas Vietnamese artists such as Cam Tho, Trizzie Phuong Trinh, Huong Lan... were present with their families to say goodbye to the late supermodel and actress. The space is decorated with fresh flowers, solemn and cozy. The actor's coffin was placed in the middle of the hall so that mourners could see his face one last time.

Duc Tiens aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events - Photo 1

Besides the visit, Duc Tien's biological aunt also appeared in front of the media for the first time to express her thanks and correct some false information. Accordingly, Duc Tien's aunt denied the information that the actor was lonely in America. In addition, representing the family, this person also spoke up to protect Duc Tien's wife - Miss Binh Phuong from some negative information.

"Actually, Duc Tien is not alone in America, but has an aunt and cousins. We are not present or accompanying him, but just silently standing by his side, encouraging and supporting his efforts." what Duc Tien did.

During the past time, we were also sad when there was information that made Binh Phuong sad. One person was so young but was widowed, leaving behind a c.hild not yet 4 years old. It was a sadness...", Duc Tien's aunt shared.

Duc Tiens aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events - Photo 2

She expressed her sadness because recently, a lot of false information had affected both Binh Phuong's emotions and the spirit of relatives in Duc Tien's family in Vietnam. She affirmed that she had time to directly take care of and raise Duc Tien, so even though her parents broke up at the age of 5, the late artist received full love from everyone and did not lack anything.

"My grandmother was very loving and took care of Tien's education when she was alive. The family never abandoned him," she said. The aunt also said that when Duc Tien settled in the US, he also went to New York to visit his grandmother and children before returning to his wife's place in Texas.

At the funeral, she remembered the sad memory of May 18 when her niece-in-law called to say her nephew had passed away. "When Tien was at the hospital, Binh Phuong filmed it live for her to see. My heart felt like it was choking, I couldn't talk but could only cry," she said.

Duc Tiens aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events - Photo 3

She said at that moment she wanted to immediately fly to California to see her grandchild one last time, but Binh Phuong said the hospital would not let her in. It wasn't until May 28 that she was able to arrange to see her grandchild off.

"My biological brother, Duc Tien's father, just passed away last year. In a short time, my family lost two relatives, which is a huge pain," she said.

"Once again, on behalf of my father's and mother's family, my mother thanks all the artists and departments who have helped and taken care of me until today," said aunt Duc Tien. send thanks.

Duc Tiens aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events - Photo 4

At Duc Tien's funeral, the late actor's wife, Miss Binh Phuong, appeared depressed and emaciated. She bowed her head and sadly said in front of her husband's coffin: "Binh Phuong and his family thank everyone for loving Mr. Tien for coming to see him off and visit him one last time. Mr. Tien was a very good person, so when he lay down Everyone mourns and wishes him to return to God soon. I thank everyone."

Duc Tiens aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events - Photo 5

After the speech, she went to the altar to look at her husband's portrait and burst into tears, lighting an incense stick to say goodbye. During the prayer ceremony, Duc Tien's wife could not hold back her tears as she received hugs and hand-holding from her husband's friends and colleagues.

Duc Tiens aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events - Photo 6

Duc Tien's 4-year-old daughter also wore a white mourning scarf, looking bewildered at her father. The l.ittle g.irl also asked her mother to burn incense in front of her father's portrait one last time. This caused those present to witness it unable to hold back their tears of sadness.

Duc Tiens aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events - Photo 7

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