Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away

Đức TríMay 21, 2024 at 15:24

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Male singer and MC Khanh Hoang was the one who witnessed the moment Duc Tien collapsed while at home peeling fruit and having fun with friends. He hauntingly recounted it, heartbroken for his close friend, shocked because he couldn't believe it was true, and couldn't sleep.

The news that actor Duc Tien passed away from a heart attack in the US made many people shocked and saddened. According to singer Khanh Hoang, he was the one who witnessed Duc Tien fall to the ground right in front of him.

"Duc Tien brought the jackfruit to everyone, then cut a piece for each person himself. After sitting down to clean and wipe clean, he stood up to wash his hands and fell face down on the ground, unable to get up. His pulse and heart were still b.eating. Everyone called an ambulance immediately and they arrived after only 5 minutes, taking Duc Tien to Fountain Valley hospital," Khanh Hoang said.

Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away - Photo 1

Khanh Hoang said Duc Tien's wife and two friends accompanied the actor to the hospital. About 30 minutes later, he received news that Duc Tien had not survived due to a heart attack. "It's really shocking and haunting, I can't sleep," Khanh Hoang shared.

The identity of this close friend of Duc Tien was also quickly learned by netizens. Accordingly, Khanh Hoang's real name is Le Xuan Hoang, born in 1973 in Ho Chi Minh City, studied at Le Hong Phong school, class 1988-1991. During high school, he won 2nd National Student Singing A.ward with the song City of Love and Nostalgia . After that, Khanh Hoang participated in many cultural and artistic activities, and in 1993, he settled in California, USA.

Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away - Photo 2

Thanks to his singing talent, his homeroom teacher assigned him to be the class's vice president of the class. He was sent to a singing competition and won first prize at school, then represented the school to compete and won second prize in the National Student Singing Contest with the songs City of Love and Nostalgia. Since then, Khanh Hoang began to have the desire to become a professional singer. He started this path by taking vocal lessons with two teachers, Duy Tan and Duy Nai.

Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away - Photo 3

"I used to sing at a gathering stage in District 10 and director Phuong Soc, the head of this stage, instructed me to sing with Dam Vinh Hung as a male duet similar to the duet Minh Thuan. - Nhat Hao was very famous at that time. After singing for a while, I followed my family to the United States to settle down" - Khanh Hoang said about the time of his initial career.

Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away - Photo 4

His family was sponsored by a Protestant church when they settled in California. since 1993. Although he sang when he was in Vietnam, when he came to the United States, his singing path was interrupted and his artistic path turned to the field of Vietnamese transcription/dubbing for Vietnamese artists. foreign films, in addition to her main job, she is a doctor's assistant at a clinic here.

On a chance event at a Protestant church, Khanh Hoang met singer Chung Tu Luu who also came here to live. At that time, Chung Tu Luu informed everyone that if anyone had the ability to transcribe film sounds, they could participate. auditioned with the TVB film transcription group led by Thuy Hang (daughter of actor Tuy Hong and musician Lam Phuong). Khanh Hoang immediately agreed to join the group because of his passion for Hong Kong films since he was in Vietnam, and one of the most successful Vietnamese dubbing roles for overseas audiences is the role of Bao Cong in the series. Bao Thanh Thien's film premiered in Hong Kong in 1993.

Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away - Photo 5

In 1994, Khanh Hoang entered the young talent contest at a dance hall with a jury including two musicians Pham Duy and Duy Khanh. When taking the exam, Khanh Hoang was guided by famous singer Thai Thanh for several months - as a result, he won first prize and became an exclusive singer on weekend nights at this discotheque at that time.

In 1997, Khanh Hoang appeared for the first time in the show Van Son No. 5 and appeared continuously on this stage until 2000; At the same time, during this time he collaborated with the radio station.

Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away - Photo 6

From 2015 onwards, because he had branched out into the field of singing and announcer and had just recovered from a sore throat during Lunar New Year that year, he completely switched to the field of singer and announcer. On June 18, 2016, Khanh Hoang and Thuy Van appeared together in the final night of Miss Vietnamese Lady and Women organized by Minh Chanh Entertainment. In 2017, Khanh Hoang released the third album in her music career, Who Loves You . In December 2023, Khanh Hoang appeared in the program Paris By Night 137 - 40 Years of Journey (Part 2): Authors & Works as a representative of Agarwood Nguyen business.

Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away - Photo 7

Up to now, after many years of artistic activities, Khanh Hoang has become one of the most popular artists overseas, from singer to MC. The s.hock of seeing Duc Tien pass away in front of him made Khanh Hoang extremely haunted and his name was also mentioned in the media for many days.

Khanh Hoang: My close friend, the late DV Duc Tien, hauntingly watched him collapse before he passed away - Photo 8

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