Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details

Bảo NamMay 26, 2024 at 09:49

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Recently, the program "House with Guests" aired with the participation of the late actor Duc Tien. It is known that this week's episode was filmed more than a week ago and is also one of the last shows of the ill-fated former supermodel.

At the show, Duc Tien still looked very healthy, bright and smiled and talked continuously. Duc Tien chats well with the host, comedian Thuy Nga. Compared to previous appearances, he is younger, more beautiful and neater.

Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details - Photo 1

Duc Tien wore a striking orange suit and also gave Thuy Nga a custard apple. The actor said: "I heard that Thuy Nga's new house is very big and spacious, but I can only come to it now."

As soon as she saw Duc Tien coming, Thuy Nga enthusiastically came out to greet her and exclaimed: "Oh my god, I haven't seen him for a long time. Duc Tien is so handsome these days, much thinner than before, very neat.

In general, Duc Tien is already handsome, only once in a while does he let his b.ody flare out a bit, but now it's slimmed down and looks very beautiful."

Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details - Photo 2

Hearing that, Duc Tien also smiled and replied: "Let me tell you, I just came back from Vietnam. Everyone who meets me is surprised, looks at me and asks if I have had cosmetic surgery, liposuction, or facial injections, but I look completely slim." ". The actor seemed quite happy and excited to lose weight and looked younger and lighter than before.

Previously, comedian Thuy Nga also posted a clip on her personal website sharing about inviting Duc Tien to participate in this program. She was startled to remember Duc Tien's foreboding words.

Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details - Photo 3

"Duc Tien's d.eath was like there was a premonition that I didn't realize. I did the program "House with Guests" and invited Duc Tien 4 or 5 times but nothing happened. Sometimes Duc Tien was in another state, sometimes he returned to Vietnam. Male.

Recently, I invited Duc Tien again and he returned to Vietnam, busy with this show and that show. When he returned to the US, Duc Tien proactively called me to say: 'I'm free, let's film immediately or I'll be too busy and it'll be difficult for me to do'.

After hearing this, I immediately booked an appointment with Duc Tien and was able to finish filming the program three days ago and it was being edited. Duc Tien and I had a nice chat," Thuy Nga shared.

Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details - Photo 4

Recently, after Duc Tien passed away, social networks spread a lot of incorrect information about the former supermodel. The late actor's family recently officially spoke out about the false information.

Specifically, after the late actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away, many artists also spoke up about his life during his time. According to singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh (ex-wife of singer Bang Kieu), the sudden passing of the late actress Duc Tien not only left a hole in the hearts of his wife, children, and friends, but also left a hole in his finances. main.

"Tien has not bought life insurance. Tien is the breadwinner of the family, so when he passes away, he not only leaves a hole in the hearts of his wife and children, but also leaves a financial hole. Funeral and burial costs are up to 80,000 USD, if it weren't for friends, brothers and sisters joining hands to help take care of the funeral, Tien's wishes would have been difficult to fulfill" - Trizzie Phuong Trinh shared.

Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details - Photo 5

This information spread on all fronts, making many audiences sad. Some of his close friends even called for people to contribute to him. On her personal page, supermodel Xuan Lan revealed the situation of Duc Tien's family.

Accordingly, she said Duc Tien's family in the US was having difficulty. He had just transferred m.oney to his wife to pay for their daughter's tuition and not long after he passed away. Not only that, the actor also doesn't have health insurance.

Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details - Photo 6

Specifically, Xuan Lan said: "Mr. Thanh Son gave Duc Tien a piece of land for burial, but m.oney to pay for the funeral home, burial and tombstone still needs everyone's help. Furthermore, the ladies I also hope little Meo has some m.oney to save to go to school so that Duc Tien can feel secure. Because Duc Tien passed away suddenly, these days little Meo keeps asking why his mother is crying and looking for his father, everyone who hears him is heartbroken message from Duc Tien's close brother in America, I ask for everyone's help."

Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details - Photo 7

In addition, Xuan Lan publicly disclosed Binh Phuong's account information in the US so the public can send m.oney directly. Although the post was deleted after a few minutes, netizens quickly saved supermodel Xuan Lan's post.

Duc Tien cheerfully appeared on TV for the last time, his close friend revealed spiritual details - Photo 8

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