Duc Tien's funeral was 10 days late, a female singer took charge of everything for Binh Phuong

Gia NhiMay 23, 2024 at 16:11

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After the s.hock of actor Duc Tien's sudden d.eath, fans are currently interested in information about the late actor's funeral. Accordingly, a female singer came forward and said she would take care of Duc Tien's funeral in the US and wanted it to be as neat as Phi Nhung's funeral.

Duc Tien's sudden passing at the age of 44 left many colleagues and audiences in s.hock and sadness. According to family members, the actor's visitation ceremony in the US will take place over two days, May 29 and 30.

In a conversation, singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh - Bang Kieu's ex-wife shared about Duc Tien's visitation in the US. Specifically, she said that the actor's wife was confused and sad and trusted her to take care of Duc Tien's funeral.

Duc Tiens funeral was 10 days late, a female singer took charge of everything for Binh Phuong - Photo 1

"Binh Phuong told me that when he was still alive, Duc Tien loved me very much. Duc Tien wanted me to be his daughter's art godmother. Binh Phuong said he didn't know anything, so he asked me to step up for everything." I agreed immediately because if Binh Phuong didn't ask, I would volunteer to do the best I could for Duc Tien.

Duc Tiens funeral was 10 days late, a female singer took charge of everything for Binh Phuong - Photo 2

Duc Tien also has many friends and fans, so I want to give Duc Tien a neat and dignified funeral like Phi Nhung and Chi Tai. We will ask the most experienced person to do the funeral, both in filming and taking photos so people from far away can see," singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh shared.

Talking more about the actor's burial location, Trizzie Phuong Trinh said that she and the artists close to Duc Tien had already made arrangements. "I will try my best to do the best for Duc Tien to have a final resting place. In addition, Miss Thanh Mai and Ms. Thuy will help me. The burial location has also been chosen. So there's no need to choose anymore," she said.

Duc Tiens funeral was 10 days late, a female singer took charge of everything for Binh Phuong - Photo 3

It is known that Duc Tien was brought home on May 23 but the funeral was not held until May 29 (nearly 10 days after Duc Tien passed away). The actor's family said funeral regulations in the US are complicated. , forcing the family to comply.

"At the hospital alone, it took us four days to bring him home. When we brought him to the funeral home, the family followed their working process. Some families had to wait more than a week, ten days, even more. than to hold a funeral for the deceased," Duc Tien's family member added.

Duc Tiens funeral was 10 days late, a female singer took charge of everything for Binh Phuong - Photo 4

According to beauty queen Thanh Mai, the hospital will take Duc Tien to the funeral home: "The funeral home can preserve it for a whole month so there is no need to rush. I can choose the appropriate day and then do the funeral." .

The family representative also said that Binh Phuong's parents were present in California, USA and had time to see their son-in-law for the last time. Many colleagues and great artists also urgently arranged time to pay their respects to the Love Spiral actor.

Duc Tiens funeral was 10 days late, a female singer took charge of everything for Binh Phuong - Photo 5

According to information previously shared by family members with the media, Duc Tien's funeral in the US took place from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on May 29. In addition to the burial ceremony and visitation ceremony, the family organized a memorial music program for the once famous actor and supermodel.

Duc Tien's funeral in the US was jointly organized by friends, because the actor only lived with his wife and 4-year-old daughter, with no relatives nearby. "Each of us will help Ms. Binh Phuong. The music center will take care of organizing the funeral, and each friend will take care of the rest, such as going to see the land for burial and organizing the visitation ceremony. .. Tien's wife can't handle it alone," the family representative said.

Duc Tiens funeral was 10 days late, a female singer took charge of everything for Binh Phuong - Photo 6

In Vietnam, Duc Tien's sister held a funeral for the actor at his home in Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City from May 20-22. The actor's 70-year-old mother said she is trying to apply for a visa, hoping to go to the US to see her c.hild one last time.

It is known that Duc Tien's funeral in the US will be livestreamed so that colleagues and audiences from far away can watch and share condolences with the family. Duc Tien passed away suddenly on May 19, while playing at a friend's house. According to those present, he suddenly collapsed and did not survive even though he was quickly taken to the hospital.

Duc Tiens funeral was 10 days late, a female singer took charge of everything for Binh Phuong - Photo 7

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