Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnam's Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC

Minh NgọcMay 10, 2024 at 11:04

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Vu Tuan Viet is known as the runner-up of Vietnam's Next Top Model 2013. In early 2024, he marries actress Kim Oanh and takes a new step in his acting career, which is his first appearance in a VFC film.

Vu Tuan Viet was born in 1992, from Hai Duong. He studied acting at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. Vu Tuan Viet was runner-up in Vietnam's Next Top Model 2013. The male model is 1.83m tall, handsome and elegant appearance. At that time, Vu Tuan Viet was the most prominent name in the contest.

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 1

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 2

Besides modeling, Vu Tuan Viet also participated in many movies and televisions. He has appeared in a number of films such as Lac Realm, Rainbow Without Color, Three Wives Marry Three, Lei Leopard, Immortal ... Although the film Lac Realm was not too successful, Vu Tuan Viet's role in the film was still loved and received by many audiences. Currently, Vu Tuan Viet appears in the movie Heart Rescue Station on VTV3.

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 3

In the film, Vu Tuan Viet plays the role of Milky Way's cousin (Hong Diem). His acting was naturally and attractively reviewed. The supermodel born in 1992 said he was excited to participate in the film of the "VFC universe" for the first time. Vu Tuan Viet is considered to have a successful VFC debut, he combined well with his double co-star Luong The Thanh - actor Thuy Diem. Since then, audiences hope to see him appear more in Vietnamese primetime films. Beauty, good appearance, natural dialogue help Tuan Viet fulfill his role through many broadcast episodes.

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 4

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 5

The actor once shared, "Cinema has always been my burning desire. If I get a role that I like, I will be eager to play, will wholeheartedly live with the character, not try anymore. I hope the directors believe me and give me a chance."

In 2024, he surprised by announcing his marriage to beautiful actress Kim Oanh. Vu Tuan Viet and Kim Oanh used to attend the same school and have feelings for each other. After that, Vu Tuan Viet went to the US and did business. Upon returning to Vietnam, the two officially dated and decided to move forward with marriage. The couple held their wedding ceremony in their hometown of Quang Tri on February 29, 2024.

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 6

From love to wedding, the couple kept their romance private. Vu Tuan Viet said that after marriage, she continued to work hard in films because she was always supported by her husband and family. Vu Tuan Viet also participated in acting, besides being a model.

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 7

Kim Oanh said what she cherishes about her husband is that she always strives and works very hard. Sharing about his husband, Kim Oanh said: "He is a family man and independent. Those are the virtues in the man I seek. And the most important thing is that he loves me."

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 8

Kim Oanh's full name is Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, born in 1993 in Hue and raised in Quang Tri. She was well-trained at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema as entrance valedictorian. For the first time on screen, Kim Oanh played Lan, working well with People's People Justice in the movie Girls in the City. Later, she continuously took on the role of a woman with a long fate, cheating in film projects of the Vietnam Drama Production Center (VFC) such as: Labyrinth; Exemplary employees; The fire is warm; Small entrance into life; Sunshine on the day of return; Under the shade of the happy tree...

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 9

When the two announced their marriage, Vu Tuan Viet's family also made many people extremely curious. On her happy day, Kim Oanh revealed many details in her husband's house. Although not filming the whole scene, just looking at it is enough to make netizens admire because the interior of the house is all wooden. The ceiling is high, wide and airy enough to guess the area of the villa is "not medium". Not to mention, the decoration such as chandeliers or carved motifs in the furniture are also luxurious and splendid.

It is known that Kim Oanh's husband is model Tuan Viet, who is currently also an actor in the drama "Heart Rescue Station". The villa of Tuan Viet family in Hai Duong, on the outside, looks attractive with white tones, gold-plated gates.

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 10

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 11

The male model also showed off a few corners of the family's villa during Tet. Stepping in from the outside is a large courtyard, decorated with many ornamental plants. Further inside, the family designed a garage for their own cars. The villa is made in a traditional style, mainly carved wood, beautiful and impressive patterns. Notably, there is also an elevator in the house to facilitate the daily activities of family members.

Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnams Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC - Photo 12

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