Female students who went to the exam submitted blank papers, dared to criticize the education system, received a bitter end

Đức TríJun 10, 2024 at 16:07

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The online community is extremely stirred by the story of a f.emale s.tudent who went to the university entrance exam, left a blank paper and did not do the test, and even dared to write a letter criticizing the education system, causing her to suffer bitter consequences 18 years later.

In June 2006, a candidate named Chiang Da Da in China left the exam room earlier than his classmates. I thought it was a good sign, but in reality it is not what everyone thinks. She couldn't get into any university, the reason was because the combined subject had a score of 0. Initially, the parents of this g.irl thought that the teacher had made a mistake, because their daughter usually studied quite well. The reality is quite the opposite.

During the exam, Chiang Da Da not only did not answer the questions seriously, but also wrote nearly 10,000 words criticizing the university entrance exam system. She submitted her paper and walked out of the exam room with confidence.

Female students who went to the exam submitted blank papers, dared to criticize the education system, received a bitter end - Photo 1

Chiang Da Da was a good student until the first half of his second year of high school. At that time, her peers often dropped out of school early and went to work far away. But her parents were different. They do their best to take care of their three children's education!

In 2005, Chiang Da Da began to write novels. Originally it was just a hobby. Unexpectedly, when giving this novel to his sister who is in college, Da Da received a compliment. Seeing that her cousin wrote so well, her sister suggested that she send the novel to a publisher or a newspaper.

Female students who went to the exam submitted blank papers, dared to criticize the education system, received a bitter end - Photo 2

With the mentality of wanting to try, Chiang Da Da sent his manuscript to the publisher. Not long after, she discovers that one of her manuscripts has actually been published in a newspaper. When she told her classmates about this, everyone complimented her a lot and said that she would definitely become a great writer in the future. After hearing these words, Da Da immediately felt satisfied in his heart, and at the same time came up with the thought "who said that students must take the college exam?"

After this time, Chiang Da Da has completely changed. While her other classmates were busy preparing for the college entrance exam, she calmly focused on writing her own novel. At first, Da Da only wrote in her spare time, but as time passed, she spent all her time at school writing.

Female students who went to the exam submitted blank papers, dared to criticize the education system, received a bitter end - Photo 3

In order to be recognized by her teachers, Chiang Da Da brought her novels to read. Unexpectedly, after reading it, the teacher not only did not praise her but also reminded: "As a student, learning is the most important. My novel is illogical and has little chance of success."

Faced with the criticism, Da Da was very angry. She felt that the teacher was too old-fashioned. Who says that going to college is the only way? Because of this, Chiang Da Da became more and more rebellious!

She began to hate the educational method that was biased towards exams. So, on the day of the exam, Da Da submitted an exam with no answers, instead, she wrote a criticism of the university entrance exam system. Naturally, Da Da's exam was not accepted, she got 0 points and failed the university.

Female students who went to the exam submitted blank papers, dared to criticize the education system, received a bitter end - Photo 4

Due to her ignorance, this g.irl has really ruined her future. Under great pressure from public opinion and the gossip of the villagers, Chiang Da Da chose to go to her sister's house temporarily. She thought her sister would comfort her, but she didn't expect that she would also have to receive criticism there.

After two days of busyness, Chiang Da Da couldn't get a job. Running out of m.oney, she had to go back, working every day like other farmers! Da Da's parents and teachers expressed their desire for her to study again, maybe there would be a chance to change, but she firmly said no.

Female students who went to the exam submitted blank papers, dared to criticize the education system, received a bitter end - Photo 5

Now, 18 years have passed, Chiang Da Da is married, has children, and lives the life of a rural woman, working at dawn and resting at sunset. Up to now, Chiang Da Da's story is still repeated by many people. In fact, university is not the only path to success, but that does not mean that the exam system and university are wrong. Originally, Da Da had the opportunity to become a famous writer but perhaps Da Da himself ruined this opportunity because of his arrogance and complacency.

Female students who went to the exam submitted blank papers, dared to criticize the education system, received a bitter end - Photo 6

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