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'Mukbang fairy' Quynh Truong 'turned off the lights' in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window

Hot KOLs

16:57:06 12/04/2024
Vietnamese netizens are extremely excited about the emerging internet phenomenon coming to Vietnam, a lady specializing in making mukbang content from Mexico. Making the entire eating and drinking clip is in the car, making people immediately think of the mukbang fairy Quynh Truong.

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Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer?

Hot KOLs

16:06:16 12/04/2024
Van Toan's name has been attracting all the attention of netizens in recent days. Because he occupied the spotlight with his wedding flower-catching performance at Quang Hai's wedding, the striker of the Vietnamese team also had his unfinished love affair rekindled. bad 6 years.

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Ariana Grande was accused of being a "little girl", flirting with dating despite being severely "stoned"

European and American stars

10:21:31 12/04/2024
Singer Ariana Grande, after divorcing her young husband, is becoming more and more comfortable openly with actor Ethan Slater. Even though she was not supported, and many sources even accused her of being a minor, the 7 Rings singer still remained at large.

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Unique 2m tall g.irl in the West, longing for a husband, U30 has never been in love

Hot trend

17:09:26 11/04/2024
This unique story is being enthusiastically shared by netizens, everyone is surprised by the strangeness of the 2 meter tall g.irl from the West. However, because of her excessive height, she encountered many difficulties in life.

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Soanh hinted at the last day, publicizing the photo of "father and son" after the scandal of Diep's divorce

Hot KOLs

13:32:45 11/04/2024
Regarding the divorce noise of the famous h.ot tiktoker couple Soanh and Diep, Soanh recently made a hidden post on her personal page, sharing positive images and an optimistic life alone, making many people curious. curious.

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Youtuber TN was cursed, black and white photos were made to look like the deceased, the owner was upset

Hot KOLs

11:11:14 11/04/2024
Youtuber TN is extremely frustrated by a series of images of himself, being stigmatized and defaced, from blurring like a criminal to black and white like the deceased. She did not sit still, scolded and slapped her face to protect herself.

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Taeyong (NCT): Male K-pop god stigmatized by SM, sticky with sarcastic hooks on female idols

Famous stars

16:03:50 08/04/2024
Taeyong, whose real name is Lee Tae Yong, was born on July 1, 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. The guy is known as a South Korean male singer, songwriter, and Rapper.

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Nam Em 'h.ot b.lood' fighting against fans when being criticized like roaring, declaring war extremely tense

Vietnamese showbiz

09:26:23 07/04/2024
Nam Em has just spoken out harshly, responding to anti fans when she was criticized for bad and shrill singing. The beauty of Tien Giang origin declared war bluntly, challenging anyone to livestream and sing like her, the online community blue-faced.

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Guang Hai sobbed, receiving the news that Zhou Qingxuan had his first son at the wedding

Hot KOLs

08:11:29 07/04/2024
Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen announced the great happy news during the wedding ceremony on April 6 in Hanoi. Accordingly, the player's wife suddenly announced that she was having her first son, the groom sobbed, happy and happy.

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Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music

Showbiz 24h

17:45:06 06/04/2024
The runner-up, Thai singer - Engfa Waraha has just made fans wave, standing still with the huge investment with her debut single The one and only. This is also the international music project that the Miss Grand International organization spends heavily on pet chickens.

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Zheng Shuang was sealed off, fled to the United States, and his creditors searched for him, suffering from bankruptcy

Chinese stars

14:03:49 06/04/2024
Actress Zheng Shuang, suffering from bankruptcy, her career ruined in her home country of China because of the lockdown of a series of dramas, she now has to flee to the United States, but is also found by creditors to collect debts.

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'VTV's most beautiful MC' Mai Ngoc revealed luxury apartment after parting, huge property dazzled

Beautiful stars

11:37:37 06/04/2024
After the information that made fans regret the separation of the young master husband of the most beautiful MC VTV - Mai Ngoc, recently the female MC made netizens stir when r.evealing the luxury apartment she owns, a huge fortune blinding.

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