Mango Non spoke out when his best friend was rumored to be 'green tea', defending the other party

KengJun 10, 2024 at 12:07

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Recently, a clip of Xemesis (Nghiem Anh Hieu, SN 1989) was suddenly "dug up" and shared widely on social networks. Accordingly, he and Xoai Non (Pham Thuy Trang, SN 2002) and a group of friends went to eat at a restaurant in Hanoi.

The two did not sit next to each other. Instead, Sunna (Tran Nhat Anh) - Xoai Non's best friend chose to sit in the middle.

Because of the noisy restaurant, Xemesis approached Sunna's ear to chat. This action and expression shows that the two are very close, while Xoai Non focuses on the task of eating.

Mango Non spoke out when his best friend was rumored to be green tea, defending the other party - Photo 1

After the clip was "dug up", netizens had a heated argument with mixed opinions. Some people think that Sunna should not sit between her best friend and her husband and talk to Xemesis like that. Some consider this to be normal, close friends have no problem.

However, the incident did not stop there, someone went to Sunna's Instagram to question why she didn't follow Mango Non. In fact, Sunna and Mango Non are still following each other and often tag each other, record clips as well as livestream together.

Mango Non spoke out when his best friend was rumored to be green tea, defending the other party - Photo 2

Soon after, Sunna had a hidden sharing line on her personal page. She wrote: "Wake up the little tam city, green tea. The virtual online community is real." She implicitly confirmed that the rumor of becoming a "little tam" to steal her husband was false.

Sunna said on Rural Vietnam: "I'm really funny. Naturally, someone cut the clip right between Mango and Xemesis, then posted it with nonsense rumors, making me cursed by netizens."

Sunna said that in the clip it was an occasion for her and her husband and Xoai Non and a group of friends to go out to eat since 2022. Initially, Xoai Non and his wife sat next to each other, but when the group of friends arrived, Xemesis moved to another table to drink with the brotherhood. After a while of eating and drinking, everyone changed places constantly to exchange and chat, so the moment Sunna sat between Xoai Non and his wife was just a coincidence.

Mango Non spoke out when his best friend was rumored to be green tea, defending the other party - Photo 3

Sunna and Mango Non have had 7 years of playing together, accompanying each other in life and work, helping each other in difficult times. Sunna cherishes this friendship very much.

The Vietnamese-American beauty currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. She is both a photo model and a sales livestream. She is currently a single mother.

On Xoai Non's side, after the move to imply that the family is still warm, she recently continued to express her feelings when there was information and negative comments about herself.

Specifically, speaking out about her best friend being accused of being "green tea", dragging into the family drama, the beautiful g.irl affirmed: "Is it possible that Sunna is a l.ittle g.irl but I still play together? We still play together, livestream, work together.

Mango Non spoke out when his best friend was rumored to be green tea, defending the other party - Photo 4

Am I so problematic that I go out with my husband's little tam? I don't know why it's just our story and the people around me are also involved."

"People talk about their problems, I read and feel hurt quite a lot," Xoai Non added.

Being "dug up" by controversial statements in the past, she only knew how to clarify that, that livestream was a long time ago, she had also explained that others attacked her, so she answered like that. Not to mention, at that time, Non Mango was still very small.

Mango Non spoke out when his best friend was rumored to be green tea, defending the other party - Photo 5

She said: "Why do you always look at people's pasts for what? Meanwhile, after the lessons that came to me, I have changed a lot, but people still bring up the old story to criticize.

I'm a 22-year-old kid and I'm trying to change for the better every day, but I'm always not recognized...

Mango Non spoke out when his best friend was rumored to be green tea, defending the other party - Photo 6

There are many people who have never followed me and let go of a lot of bitter words. I myself am not too good, not excellent, but I always try. I don't study formally, but I study in real life, learn people who are better than me."

Mango Non spoke out when his best friend was rumored to be green tea, defending the other party - Photo 7

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