Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild?

Hoàng PhúcJun 08, 2024 at 18:42

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Doan Di Bang and her husband Quoc Vu are preparing to welcome their 4th c.hild thanks to in vitro fertilization ( IVF). After medical intervention, the couple happily received the news that they were pregnant and waited for the day the b.aby was born.

Recently, the "giant of District 7" said that she is more likely to be upset when pregnant, erratic and bitter, or angry. Doan Di Bang also humorously expressed: "Stop running away from home to see if anyone can find you". Many pregnant mothers sympathize with Doan Di Bang's story of changing temperament during pregnancy, needing relatives to always be by her side to encourage and take care of her.

Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild? - Photo 1

Doan Di Bang also shared that because she was pregnant, the plan to celebrate her and her husband's wedding anniversary was temporarily canceled. She added that children come to the family like a blessing from heaven, every time a b.aby is born, the family receives good luck in life and the whole business path. Currently, Doan Di Bang and her husband Quoc Vu have 3 daughters together. The female giant has not revealed the gender of the 4th b.aby because she is waiting for the NIPT results.

Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild? - Photo 2

Specifically, Doan Di Bang posted a video sharing about the process of going for a prenatal examination and taking the NIPT test - an important test in pregnancy. Notably, the relevant details that Doan Di Bang shared have received many congratulations from the diaper mother.

At the beginning of the video, Doan Di Bang said that she had an appointment for a prenatal examination and performed an extremely important test - the NIPT test. This is a test that takes place in the 9th week of pregnancy, helping to identify chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus.

Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild? - Photo 3

The mother of three shared that although she knew the results would be in about a week, she was still very nervous and worried. According to the ultrasound results, the b.aby is now 9 weeks and 1 day old and is expected to be born on January 9. However, based on experience from previous births, Doan Di Bang thinks that the b.aby may be born at the end of December, because the previous babies were born early around the 39th week of pregnancy.

Talking about this ultrasound session, Doan Di Bang also said that the b.aby's heart rate was a little fast, reaching 180 beats per minute. The doctor explained that this could be due to Bing drinking little water, staying up late, lack of sleep, stress, or exercising vigorously. Besides, Doan Di Bang also admitted that last night she was a little angry with her husband, leading to insomnia and stress, plus the livestream and high sales made the mother of 3 even more nervous.

Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild? - Photo 4

Many friends on Doan Di Bang's personal page predict the s.ex of the b.aby through signs such as bold and light lines on the pregnancy test. However, Bang affirmed that the bold or light line is only related to the concentration of hormones in the urine and gestational age, not gender.

Doan Di Bang humorously shared: "Mr. Vu (Doan Di Bang's husband) posted that the b.aby's heart rate is fast, the ladies don't say that the b.aby's fast heart rate is a b.oy. But no, I asked the doctor just now, the doctor said that there is no science to prove that the b.aby's heart rate is fast or slow, whether the b.aby's heart rate is a b.oy or a g.irl, the b.aby's average heart rate is from 140-160, like Bang's b.aby heart rate is b.eating 180, the b.aby's heart is b.eating fast due to the reasons Bang mentioned above, that is the cause making the b.aby's heart beat slowly. So the doctor said that the b.aby's heart rate must be limited so that the b.aby's heart rate is stable, that's not what you guessed."

Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild? - Photo 5

In particular, Doan Di Bang also revealed that she will receive her NIPT results on June 22. If the results are available sooner, the doctor will notify a family member. This person will contact the party company to prepare for Bang's gender announcement. Both family and friends are anxiously waiting for this special day.

Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild? - Photo 6

When asked about the cost of the NIPT test, Doan Di Bang shared that the total cost for this test is more than 7 million VND, including a detailed result table. Finally, she sent good luck to other pregnant mothers and looked forward to hearing about their pregnancy stages.

Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild? - Photo 7

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