The female doctor whose glass fell on her was discharged from the hospital, choking on her father's words

Kim LâmMay 22, 2024 at 17:11

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After more than a month of being on standby, taking care of his daughter at the hospital bedside, the father of the female doctor in distress shared that perhaps this was the longest time he had been close to his daughter. He also didn't think that the longest time he spent with his c.hild would be the time he was in the hospital bed.

Recently, social networks have continuously shared information about the case of female doctor Hoang Minh Ly (29 years old, hometown of Dien Chau, Nghe An) who is at risk of complete paralysis after a serious accident at The Coffee store. House Thai Ha facility (Hanoi).

On the morning of May 22, in the hospital room of the Spine Surgery Department (Hanoi Medical University Hospital), Mr. Hoang Van Thanh, father of patient Hoang Minh Ly, informed that his daughter was discharged from the hospital to be transferred to the rehabilitation department. functional recovery.

The female doctor whose glass fell on her was discharged from the hospital, choking on her fathers words - Photo 1

Mr. Hoang Van Thanh shared that even though his daughter is still in pain, he always maintains an optimistic spirit:

"K hospital authorities provided encouraging visits and timely treatment to help me go through the healing period. I'm still in a lot of pain and can't sit, but my spirit is very optimistic."

The female doctor whose glass fell on her was discharged from the hospital, choking on her fathers words - Photo 2

Mr. Thanh also shared that in the coming time, the family will continue to send brothers in the family to Hanoi to accompany Ly in the rehabilitation process. This is a long process, but his family can still rest assured because of the professional treatment support and dedicated help from doctors and nurses.

"I also told you, normally you can only come home for one month a year. Except for when you were a c.hild, taking care of you, now that you're in the hospital bed is when I get to see you the most," - Dr. Ly's father couldn't help but choke up.

The female doctor whose glass fell on her was discharged from the hospital, choking on her fathers words - Photo 3

Doctor Tran Quang Trung, Department of Neurology and Spine Surgery, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, said that patient Ly's health is basically recovering from nerve function, bladder and legs, which is very difficult. towel.

According to Dr. Trung, patient Ly's lung function is quite stable. Although the ultrasound still shows thin lung fluid membranes on both sides, there is no need for intervention but only monitoring.

The female doctor whose glass fell on her was discharged from the hospital, choking on her fathers words - Photo 4

Doctor Trung added that today and tomorrow the hospital will check patient Ly's health condition again. The doctor has also contacted the best rehabilitation centers to continue the process. treatment process.

Doctor Trung further emphasized that the patient's vital function is quite good. However, it is very difficult for the patient to move on his own. The most difficult thing is to train the patient to sit. The patient cannot sit by himself, he must be supported by someone, then he must have support... The doctor said, at times During this time, patient Ly will mainly undergo rehabilitation exercises, while internal medicine issues will be consulted by Internal Medicine specialists.

"The patient is quite optimistic, tries very hard, and also cares about the patient's mind," Dr. Trung shared.

Regarding the solution after the incident of glass falling on people, the coffee shop chain said it had worked with the family to find a solution to the problem "since the incident occurred", but at that time, the two sides A common opinion has not been reached.

"We discussed with the family in the spirit that Ms. Ly was a customer and encountered a problem at the store, so we did not shy away from responsibility and tried to come up with a solution to satisfactorily resolve it. Ms. Ly's family also acknowledge our apologies and willingness to work towards a resolution.

Up to now, the two sides have completed the discussion, agreed on a solution and both wish to close the matter here," The Coffee House informed.

The female doctor whose glass fell on her was discharged from the hospital, choking on her fathers words - Photo 5

The representative of the female doctor's family also confirmed the agreement on a solution to the case with The Coffee House. Both sides felt satisfied, so there were clear agreements and consensus on both sides, details of the solution were kept secret and not disclosed.

The female doctor whose glass fell on her was discharged from the hospital, choking on her fathers words - Photo 6

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