Trang Tran accuses the "CEO" of spending m.oney to buy views, insisting not to yell at others to do what he wants

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Trang Tran's recent share is receiving attention and sharing from the online community.

Recently on her personal page, model Trang Tran continues to have frank sharing around the recent noisy series that has attracted attention. Accordingly, through her latest post, once again the once-popular female model affirmed that no one has the right to force others to do as she pleases without a specific and certain order. In addition, Trang Tran frankly expressed that she did not have m.oney to buy views like "the other CEO" and said not to call her names and colleagues to make fun of her.

Trang Tran accuses the "CEO" of spending m.oney to buy views, insisting not to yell at others to do what he wants - Photo 1

Originally shared by Trang Tran on his personal page, he said:

"The law of stars and millets of the fairy is rolling, everyone has the right to claim publicly, but there must also be a clear cause and purpose, not "the mother of the world" shouting that everyone has to follow.

If you yell at your workers, you'll be fine, if you're a c.hild using your mother's m.oney, you'll raise your voice, but here, you don't need your mother's favor to give you, but you have to follow your mother's words in the world. Everyone cleverly refused oxygen, couldn't they just say that when she received it, she had a whirlwind and when did she ask for it back? Shame on yourself, don't sit and shout all the time? Oh, I forgot, the humiliation rope is broken. She shaved her head and smeared lime on her head all the time, she didn't know it herself, but the whole society knew.

Trang Tran accuses the "CEO" of spending m.oney to buy views, insisting not to yell at others to do what he wants - Photo 2

The CEO is just a job for the president, the president is also an employee for the administration, grabbing the couple to work for each other, the owner, the servant, and the c.hild, just go there and yell at the village. The whole society must follow. Please tell me that out of 97 million people, my mother screams without my name! Don't drag us in to resonate with your c.razy perverts.

I don't have m.oney to buy live eyes, I don't even need to ask how many views and assistants, if you like it, watch it, if you don't like it, go. If you buy it, you will also spread it evenly, not on the basket, if you don't, there are 23 people watching, ladies!

Trang Tran accuses the "CEO" of spending m.oney to buy views, insisting not to yell at others to do what he wants - Photo 3

She just spends m.oney to feed dirty media companies that harm one after another, instead of taking that m.oney to distribute a few tons of rice a day, it will be more blessed, it won't make her crazier, and she won't be. No need to light incense to reduce the frenzy.

The blessings of heaven are great, there is no need to curse this person or that person to be blessed."

Although not directly mentioning any character, many netizens confirmed that the person Trang Khan wanted to talk about was Mrs. Phuong Hang. In the past time, the Vietnamese artist world was almost shocked when a series of names were given by Phuong Hang to prove her charity work, which shocked the online community. Not only that, the "war of words" of Ms. Hang and the artists also culminated when a series of named characters officially spoke out against the incident.

Trang Tran accuses the "CEO" of spending m.oney to buy views, insisting not to yell at others to do what he wants - Photo 4

Not to mention Trang Tran when she repeatedly stood up to respond directly to this CEO during the past time. Many times, Ms. Phuong Hang has pointed out, pointing directly to Trang Tran's name on her livestream on many different issues, most recently she was also asked by Mrs. Phuong Hang to make a statement of all charity m.oney like artists. other doctor.

Right after that, Trang Tran also made a drastic response when declaring that Ms. Hang was not qualified to ask her to stand up for charity statements: "For years and months, many people are still suffering, please do it. Don't sit and talk, she mentioned this person's name, but they didn't bother to say it and thought she was good.

Trang Tran accuses the "CEO" of spending m.oney to buy views, insisting not to yell at others to do what he wants - Photo 5

As for artists or ordinary people, people want to call for charity or block people. It's not even her turn to eat because she hasn't put any m.oney i.n yet. She has not given any m.oney to anyone, how to say?

She is good and good, just live her life, don't mention other people's names. She contributes to the accounts of the people she mentions and then sues, prints the contribution statements for the people she tells and asks where they spend her m.oney. When people can't explain, say."

Trang Tran accuses the "CEO" of spending m.oney to buy views, insisting not to yell at others to do what he wants - Photo 6

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