Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam?

Hou00e0ng Phu00facJul 05, 2022 at 07:38

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The social network appeared updated information about the situation of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang in the prison, causing many people to be confused. It is known that Dai Nam's owner has been extended the detention for another 2 months because the case has many complicated details, requiring a longer time for investigation.

Last time, people couldn't help but stir when Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang was extended her detention for another 2 months to continue the investigation for the crime of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the state, the rights and interests of the state. lawful organizations and individuals. Previously, female CEO Dai Nam spent 3 months in detention at T30 detention center in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, every move related to the female giant Binh Duong attracts great attention from netizens.

Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam? - Photo 1

Recently, a fanpage with more than 31,000 followers, believed to be an assistant close to Mrs. Hang, suddenly shared the information "Mrs. Phuong Hang burst into tears when Mr. Dung Lo Voi came to visit, miss Dai Nam and his children. love".

Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam? - Photo 2

This information immediately attracted great attention of netizens. However, upon careful inspection, people discovered that this fanpage actually shared old information from June 9, 2022, which is nearly a month ago. Not only that, the source of the article is also not an official source, which is not authentic, so it is easy to mislead readers. Many people are skeptical that although this page has a large number of followers and high interaction, it is unlikely that it is managed by Ms. Hang's assistant, but it may be impersonated to get views and like sentences.

Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam? - Photo 3

Previously, people were surprised when they discovered that the Facebook fan page named Huynh Uy Dung, which attracted 625,644 followers and 76,529 likes, was also a fake page, taking advantage of Mr. Dung Lo Voi's name to spread rumors. Unorthodox information about h.ot characters and events in society in general and Ms. Hang's case in particular.

Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam? - Photo 4

Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam? - Photo 5

In addition to Mr. Dung and his close assistant, Hang's youngest son Huynh Hang Huu has also been faked by many Youtubers, constantly sharing old clips and assigning shocking titles like "It's raining without a mother". next to my uncle", "I miss my mother so much, my uncle", "What does Phuong Hang's son say when there is no mother" ... for the purpose of attracting views and arousing the audience.

Because of the disturbance of information on social networks, the audience needs to be alert to all information, only receiving official news sources from reputable news sites, newspapers or spoken and shared by the owner himself...

It can be seen that many Vietnamese stars become victims of heavy losses in their names, jobs, etc., when their name is mentioned by Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang in the livestreams.

Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam? - Photo 6

For example, in the case of singer Dam Vinh Hung. Since being called by the giant female Binh Duong, many unfounded rumors about the "Vietnamese music king" have appeared on social networks such as being assaulted, banned from leaving the country, etc.

Although Dam Vinh Hung was "vindicated by the authorities", Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang was detained by the Ho Chi Minh City Police, but the male singer admitted that during his 25 years of working as a professional, he has never been publicized. Such terrible "misunderstood" and "attack". Not only the image was affected, but many relationships of the "Bitter Grail" voice were also broken.

Recently, Dam Vinh Hung revealed, when the charity noise happened and the female CEO Dai Nam repeatedly called his name online, he lost a contract worth 40 billion dong, within 5 years. "The king of Vietnamese music" admitted that it was the false rumors about him that made the partner reconsider. At the same time, Mr. Dam was also quickly attacked by many viewers who did not understand the problem on the personal pages of the units with which he was working.

"I am very confused when I have to face customers. But I never cheat. The contract is about to be signed, the representative who is in trouble and doubts like that will be reviewed by the partner. That's too big. A terrible project that accepted to pay me more than 40 billion, lasting for 5 years. That was my loss," Dam Vinh Hung shared.

Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam? - Photo 7

Recalling the time when he was constantly insulted and k.illed on social networks, Dam Vinh Hung said he was extremely hurt and hurt. But he does not blame the audience because they have to deal with a long time repeated information from a voice on social networks. However, still with a little "silly", Dam Vinh Hung affirmed that he is comfortable in his soul because he is not afraid of anything, ready to face everything.

However, Dam Vinh Hung in the present has had many changes. He admitted that when he was angry before, he would call back immediately, asking for a reason. And now he ignores it, considers it "invisible". "I'm very different now, angry but don't tell anyone. I have changed a lot. I also wear an invisibility cloak in front of some people and let them understand," Dam Vinh Hung said.

Giant Dung Lo Voi went to visit his wife in prison, Phuong Hang sobbed because she missed her children and Dai Nam? - Photo 8

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