Phuong Hang is willing to forgive, not "follow up, chase after" if Dam Vinh Hung can do this!

Hoàng PhúcFeb 06, 2022 at 07:37

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The female CEO feels sorry for Dam Vinh Hung.

On the evening of February 5, on the livestream, Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang continued to share the noisy story between herself and Dam Vinh Hung. Accordingly, the female giant said that she was disappointed by the behavior of the voice of the dawn will take you away. She revealed that if Dam Vinh Hung accepted to "get into the water", apologizing to the audience, perhaps things would develop in a more positive direction.

Phuong Hang is willing to forgive, not "follow up, chase after" if Dam Vinh Hung can do this! - Photo 1

Putting herself in the position of Dam Vinh Hung, Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang will have a different behavior because "hit those who run away, no one hits those who run back". She said: "If I were Dam Vinh Hung, no matter how many people curse, I will apologize because the public is the source of life, the one who brings enough food, warm clothes, a beautiful house, a luxury car and a name. age for artists.

I know that I will be cursed but I still have to bow my head to apologize to the public. It's up to each person to forgive or not, but it will definitely reduce the heat immediately. If it were me, I would do the same and would never run away or find a way to cope. No one has the heart to chase after them because Vietnamese people are very civilized, compassionate and forgiving."

The owner of Dai Nam also revealed that she once hoped that Dam Vinh Hung would "return": "In my heart, I still hope that Dam Vinh Hung will go there (Dong Dao tea room) and apologize to the audience for just one sentence, the story won't fall down today.The old people say 'hello is higher than the tray', an apology to please the audience so that I can ease all the stories that happened because obviously I have talent too. But I also have to be virtuous. The most important thing is that I have to respect the audience because they are the ones who bring me my brand, my name, my rich life, from a guy cutting my hair to today, I have everything. But obviously Dam Vinh Hung had a plan to deal with me and the people who came that night to watch the music.

Firstly, no one at the beginning of the year goes to a concert and has their bags and b.ody searched. You are also not allowed to watch live, film or take pictures. If I knew that, no one would come even if I invited them."

In the past time, Dam Vinh Hung and CEO Phuong Hang have repeatedly exchanged words on social networks related to charity noise and some private life issues. After the Ministry of Public Security spoke out about the decision not to criminally prosecute some artists, including Dam Vinh Hung, because there were no signs of crime, Phuong Hang attracted attention when it came to the voice of Bien Tinh. Accordingly, the female giant Dai Nam announced to buy all 80 tickets at a tea room where male singer Dam Vinh Hung had a show schedule on the night of the 1st. She also revealed that artists who were entangled in charity noise performed where they performed. She will support her wholeheartedly and affirm: "Buy all tickets, that's my new way of playing. If you can cover the stage, I'll let you all watch it for free. Play well at the beginning of the year".

Phuong Hang is willing to forgive, not "follow up, chase after" if Dam Vinh Hung can do this! - Photo 2

As promised, Ms. Hang appeared at the door of the tea room, but soon after, she "turned the car" without going in to see Dam Vinh Hung perform as stated.

Not stopping, Phuong Hang also said that she would go to Da Lat to see the show of male singer Dam. Indeed, exactly 4/2 female giants of 50 years old and her team were present in Da Lat to prepare for the stage. Knowing that Phuong Hang is about to clash with Dam Vinh Hung, netizens are extremely excited to wait for the meeting of the century.

Phuong Hang is willing to forgive, not "follow up, chase after" if Dam Vinh Hung can do this! - Photo 3

However, at the last minute, the giant woman said that she did not buy tickets to watch the show as originally said. The reason, according to Ms. Hang, is because the ticket is too expensive, up to 2 million VND per person. "The ticket price is 2 million, why should I support it, so I give each employee 5 million to freely play other things," Phuong Hang said.

Phuong Hang is willing to forgive, not "follow up, chase after" if Dam Vinh Hung can do this! - Photo 4

To the south, singer Dam Vinh Hung, he also responded on his personal page. Specifically, Mr. Dam challenged: "I heard that people are inviting each other to Da Lat to enjoy the cold and watch Dam Vinh Hung sing. Go quickly. Finished singing and drinking?". Currently, the battle between Mrs. Hang and Dam Vinh Hung has not shown any sign of ending.

Phuong Hang is willing to forgive, not "follow up, chase after" if Dam Vinh Hung can do this! - Photo 5

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