Dam Vinh Hung lost the contract of 40 billion VND, he was turned away by "intestinal fans" behind the noisy charity with Mrs. Phuong Hang

Hoàng PhúcApr 21, 2022 at 15:04

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In an exclusive interview with Dan Tri, singer Dam Vinh Hung recently revealed that he has never encountered an incident that has caused his image to be "misunderstood" so much in more than 25 years of working.

In the past time, Dam Vinh Hung has received a lot of attention from the audience when he was constantly called by Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang because of charity issues and a series of rumors such as being banned from leaving the country, being assaulted, etc. The male singer's performance at teahouses earlier this year also became more noisy with the appearance of YouTubers, antifans...

In a conversation with Dan Tri, the male singer said that he had never encountered an incident that made his image "misunderstood" so much. According to Mr. Dam's d.isclosure, he has lost a contract worth more than 40 billion VND and close relationships, including longtime "fans".

Dam Vinh Hung lost the contract of 40 billion VND, he was turned away by "intestinal fans" behind the noisy charity with Mrs. Phuong Hang - Photo 1

"I do such good things, why am I mercilessly stoned! What is my crime?", the male artist questioned himself and the anti-fans.

Singer 7X added: "I rarely let the audience see my confusion and failure. Everything I hide inside. On the outside, I'm always cheerful and positive.

As for the scandal, I have nothing to worry about. I live 'clean, decent'. I just have a 'headache' because too many viewers have been misled, including friends and fans. That is very sad!

But at that time, I did not choose to explain. Everything is left to people to think, I also quit playing...".

Dam Vinh Hung lost the contract of 40 billion VND, he was turned away by "intestinal fans" behind the noisy charity with Mrs. Phuong Hang - Photo 2

In particular, the voice of "Drunk in love" also shared for the first time about breaking up with her lover in the midst of this "turbulent" happening.

However, still with a bit of "gossip", Dam Vinh Hung affirmed that he was comfortable in his soul because there was nothing to be afraid of.

2021 is a noisy year for Vietnamese showbiz when a series of artists such as Dam Vinh Hung, Thuy Tien, Hoai Linh, Tran Thanh ... entangled in the controversy when Phuong Hang and netizens accused her of not being transparent about the story. charity.

Accordingly, in May 2021, C02 received information about singers Thuy Tien, Dam Vinh Hung, Huynh Tran Thanh, Bui Dai Nghia and Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong (singer Ho Ngoc Ha's biological mother) standing on their own. fundraising for charity, storm and flood relief occurring in the central region of 2020. However, the above mentioned people lack transparency when distributing and using donations from benefactors.

After verification, C02 determined that the above artists did not commit f.raud, did not appropriate charity m.oney contributed by the people, did not show signs of crime, so they did not prosecute criminal cases.

Since being vindicated, the artists have returned to the stage. Recently, Dam Vinh Hung posted on his personal page a status line related to charity. Specifically, Mr. Dam wrote: "Amidst the unhappy stories, confronting false information or even in the heart of the storm, Hung remained calm and dedicated a corner to music and art. Hung is still here, and come back worthy of everyone's love and support."

Dam Vinh Hung lost the contract of 40 billion VND, he was turned away by "intestinal fans" behind the noisy charity with Mrs. Phuong Hang - Photo 3

Explaining why he still thinks he deserves the love of the audience, Dam Vinh Hung said: "The reason why I have been loved for such a long time is for a reason. From people, Lifestyle, personality should be loved by everyone for such a long time.Of course, I or other singers are not gods, can't be angry, can't get mad, can't get angry. the right story, the right place, those who have attacked me, hurt me, made my image trampled, have a reaction and that reaction is normal, but it's insignificant compared to what's good With the honor of a human being, the honor of a father, the honor of a singer who is a public figure, I have never created a scandal by myself. All scandals come completely naturally. I don't mess around with scandals to make them famous. Now I know how to hold my heart down, calm down before everything suddenly falls, to deal with it. reasonable reason".

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