100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity

Bảo NamMar 02, 2024 at 15:41

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The story of a 100-year-old man living in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province surprised many people when he was too old to still have admirable endurance.

The video shared online shows the bearded man with gray hair, wrinkled chestnut skin, but from his eyes still a clear and confident attitude.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 1

The 100-year-old man became a traditional name among gymnasts in Bien Hoa City when he possessed the strength that many young people also admired. It is known that the old man has reached the age of longevity but still regularly goes to the gym to push weights to improve his health and strength.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 2

According to information shared on Binh Duong Unique Strange Channel, the old man in the story whose real name is Pham Manh Hung, was born in 1925 and is now more than 99 years old. The elderly man pushes weights originally from Hai Phong but has resided in Dong Nai province for many years. According to many people who have spoken to Mr. Hung, he does not stay permanently but often moves between Dong Nai and neighboring provinces.

The 100-year-old's main means of transportation is an old motorcycle. Despite his advanced age, the old man's strength was not weak. A gym owner said that he used to ride a motorbike alone from Dong Nai to Tay Ninh, then back to Dong Nai. Moving between many provinces for unknown reasons but proves that he is a person who loves to travel and explore.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 3

The time the 100-year-old went to the gym to train was not fixed. One mystery surrounding this man is that he does not want others to know the specifics of his whereabouts. What gym owners who have interacted with the old man know is told by the old man. Talking about his family situation, gym owners revealed that he did not have a wife or children.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 4

The old man's work for a living was also not mentioned by the subject itself. Only occasionally, the elderly man would ride a Honda Wave motorcycle to the gym, then push weights. Each side of the pushbar weighs 25 kg. The old man did not hesitate to push both weights of 50 kg. The 100-year-old's supple health surprised many onlookers.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 5

The reason a 100-year-old man still goes to the gym pushing heavy weights is to maintain his health. When asked, he told gym owners the secret to staying lucid at nearly 100 years old is to eat healthy. The elderly man eats less rice, but instead eats fiber-rich foods such as vegetables. At the same time, the old man got into the habit of going to bed early from a young age, around 8-9 p.m. he went to bed to rest.

In addition to the story of the old man who trained weights above, recently social networks have been buzzing with the case of 1 Vietnamese old man who has not slept for 6 decades.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 6

An 80-year-old farmer named Thai Ngoc said that he had not slept for more than 60 years and that it did not affect his daily life. Yes, this farmer definitely deserves to be recorded in the Guinness World Records.

Over the years, this Vietnamese man has been the focus of media attention in his home country because the importance of sleep in maintaining a healthy life is indisputable. Most people can't stand just a day without at least a few hours of sleep. However, the 80-year-old insists that he has not slept for 60 years and that this has not caused problems for his health, indeed he looks very healthy.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 7

Since Thai Ngoc has not sought medical or scientific help to resolve his condition, the only people who can confirm this fact are those close to him. His wife, children, friends, neighbors and acquaintances all claim that they have never seen him sleep. "I don't know if sleep deprivation will affect my health but I still feel fine and can do normal farm work like everyone else," he said.

When Thai was 20 years old, he suffered from a severe fever that left severe sequelae on his b.ody, one of which was abnormal insomnia. The farmer revealed that he tried many medicines, home remedies as well as the most diverse techniques and tricks but to no avail.

Although when he was younger, he believed that his insomnia was temporary, the condition persisted for 6 decades. In her hometown, Thai Ngoc is considered a one-of-a-kind feat. However, according to some medical sources, it is likely that the 80-year-old man is sleeping very little without even knowing it.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 8

Some people with insomnia have difficulty distinguishing between waking and sleeping, meaning the 80-year-old man may experience short periods of sleep throughout the day without even realizing it. Dr Vikas Wadhwa of the Australian Sleep Service explained: "These full-energy naps may have been enough to help him function normally."

The truth is that even with naps, 60 years of not getting enough sleep seems impossible for the average person. Many factors can lead to insomnia and although its consequences are also many, moodiness must be one of the most common causes in any case. Fortunately, there are many resources that we can try to get a good night's sleep.

100-year-old Vietnamese man in gym pushes heavy weights to surprise everyone, mysterious identity - Photo 9

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