22-year-old pretty g.irl and 1 billion salary engineer go their way because mother-in-law is too fastidious?

JLOFeb 08, 2024 at 13:05

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In recent days, the online community has been buzzing with the story of a 22-year-old g.irl who agreed to date a 31-year-old engineer with an income of 100 million VND/month. Although not possessing a male god appearance, the main male profile has made viewers "collapse".

Even after the program, many people discovered that young people had modestly "misrepresented" their salaries. In fact, the male engineer has a monthly income of up to 1 billion VND, he used to work at Google, Shopee and is currently sending a job at Jump Trading - one of the world's leading virtual currency funds.

22-year-old pretty g.irl and 1 billion salary engineer go their way because mother-in-law is too fastidious? - Photo 1

However, thinking that the story of "talented boys and girls" will have a happy ending, recently, people were excited by the information that the couple had "gone their separate ways" after the first date. The reason given stems from the fact that the g.irl did not pass the "mother-in-law". Attached to the incident, there is also a picture of the g.irl sitting talking to the b.oy's mother.

22-year-old pretty g.irl and 1 billion salary engineer go their way because mother-in-law is too fastidious? - Photo 2

It is known that after the end of the program "You want to date", the g.irl had a meeting with the engineer's mother. The three talked more to get to know each other better, and the b.oy's mother also kindly asked about the g.irl's family and some issues related to the g.irl's life.

As for the engineer, he also sat quietly listening to the conversation between the two women enough to see that he was an ideal family man. His mother's gaze on the beautiful g.irl became even more affectionate and considerate. However, for unknown reasons, this beautiful love story ended quickly, leaving many regrets for viewers.

22-year-old pretty g.irl and 1 billion salary engineer go their way because mother-in-law is too fastidious? - Photo 3

The "bright and dark" love affair of the engineer and h.ot g.irl born in 2002 continues to receive special attention from netizens. Currently, insiders have not spoken about the above incident, some netizens left comments "The reason for a lot of m.oney is not necessarily happy", "The guy does not want to, but if he wants, there are 8 mothers who cannot stop him", "The mother-in-law sits like that and understands immediately"; "Behind the man with his wife is a terrifying mother-in-law."

Previously, in the program "You want to date", the male guest was Minh Duc (SN 1993), a house in District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City. He is working in 1 multinational company. Minh Duc said that after studying for a master's degree in France and interning in some European countries, he chose to work in Singapore to be near his family. This software engineer is also not afraid to flex the desirable salary of over 100 million VND per month.

22-year-old pretty g.irl and 1 billion salary engineer go their way because mother-in-law is too fastidious? - Photo 4

On the g.irl's side, her name Ngoc Lan (SN 2002) is a 4th year student, majoring in Infrastructure at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture. She had a love affair during her time as a student. The g.irl said that to get into her "eye", it is a man who has a position in society, has grace and knows how to love others.

22-year-old pretty g.irl and 1 billion salary engineer go their way because mother-in-law is too fastidious? - Photo 5

At the end of the program, Minh Duc quickly pressed the button and Ngoc Lan was also conquered by this talented charming b.oy. He also gave a pen and notebook to Ngoc Lan with the message, "I hope I can continue to write love in this." The g.irl also confessed because she found the b.oy's house "cute, quiet and soft" very suitable. The two scheduled their first meeting to be Landmark 81.

22-year-old pretty g.irl and 1 billion salary engineer go their way because mother-in-law is too fastidious? - Photo 6

After the show, some viewers thought that Ngoc Lan could easily find a real-life boyfriend without having to participate in the dating show, because she has a pretty and approachable appearance.

In the face of diverse opinions and different comments, it has been suggested that Ngoc Lan agreed to participate in the dating program just because she saw the b.oy's condition. However, she shared: "To say that because of 100 million I decided to join the date is not very true. I feel like my male friends are cute too."

22-year-old pretty g.irl and 1 billion salary engineer go their way because mother-in-law is too fastidious? - Photo 7

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