Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cat's sister made up a story

Phúc SenMay 20, 2024 at 09:37

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After 1 month of investigating the story of a 21-year-old man nicknamed Fat Cat who foolishly chose to leave because of his love for Dam Truc, Chinese police have just made a statement that shocked the entire internet, saying that his sister Fat Cat made up a story.

Regarding the uproar about the incident of a young man nicknamed Fat Meo, who was mourned by Chinese netizens, when he chose to leave because of his failed love with Dam Truc. For a month, the story spread to many neighboring countries, including Vietnam. Along with the exposé from Fat Meo's sister, Dam Truc was accused of being a gold digger, taking advantage for 2 years to "suck" hundreds of thousands of yuan (1.8 billion VND). Netizens have continuously criticized and criticized Dam Truc for a long time even though she posted an apology clip.

Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cats sister made up a story - Photo 1

The story was quickly investigated by the investigation agency. After a long time of solving the case, recently the Chinese media was truly shocked when the police reached the final conclusion. Accordingly, social network users were shocked when they learned that they had been led by Fat Cat's sister recently. The truth is that Dam Truc is not as bad as people think. People began to "turn around" and apologize to Dam Truc when they learned that she had been wronged.

Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cats sister made up a story - Photo 2

Accordingly, each timeline related to the Fat Cat - Dam Truc love story has been fully publicized by the authorities as follows: "In November 2021, Fat Cat and Dam Truc met each other through the game. December 24 /2021, the two officially dated. In March 2022, the couple went on a trip together. In February 2023, after arguing and getting back together, Dam Truc seemed to not want a long-distance relationship and wanted Fat Cat to come. Living in Chongqing, the two promised to live together in October.

Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cats sister made up a story - Photo 3

In October 2023, Fat Cat came to Chongqing and also visited Dam Truc's house many times. In November 2023, the couple posted photos of their relationship with friends on Wechat. After that, the two sides discussed opening a flower shop, Fat Cat invested 70 thousand yuan, and opened it in December. On February 7, 2024, before the Lunar New Year, Dam Truc took Fat Cat back to his hometown and introduced him to his family and relatives. While they knew each other, the two often argued, broke up and then reunited.

Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cats sister made up a story - Photo 4

On April 3 - 4, 2024, the two sides continuously argued and said goodbye. On April 5, Dam Truc texted Fat Cat asking the two sides to give each other time and calm down. Fat Cat sent a Wechat message to Dam Truc wanting to send m.oney to Dam Truc, Dam Truc texted back "Why are you sending me?, I'm still young, I need m.oney, the game can't be played for long, I save it myself Save it, plan for the future, don't pass it on to me." But Fat Cat still transferred 66 thousand yuan to Dam Truc, noting that he gave it voluntarily. Told Dam Truc to run a flower shop and then blocked Dam Truc's airpay account. At dawn on April 11, Fat Meo texted Dam Truc that we were finished, and then went down to the Yangtze River.

Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cats sister made up a story - Photo 5

It can be seen that from November 2021 to April 11, 2024, Fat Cat sent a total of nearly 800 thousand yuan to Dam Truc. Dam Truc also sent Fat Cat and Fat Cat's family a total of 463 thousand yuan. While dating, two people opened joint savings accounts, used for business and living expenses. According to police investigation, Fat Cat's sister and sister and others saw too many transactions that Fat Cat transferred to Dam Truc, so they got angry and planned to use internet public opinion to suppress Dam Truc.

Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cats sister made up a story - Photo 6

After the story broke, netizens truly learned the truth, and at the same time regretted that they had attacked and scolded Dam Truc in the past. It is known that those who spread information were also administratively punished. The truth is that Dam Truc is not a gold digger, but the injuries she has suffered in the past will certainly be difficult to heal.

Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cats sister made up a story - Photo 7

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