Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens

Phúc SenMay 16, 2024 at 09:19

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The latest development in the case that has shocked Chinese netizens for the past month, about the passing of the young man Fat Cat, the online community is extremely confused by the information that Fat Cat's girlfriend, Dam Truc, has been "mastered". Mrs" reassured.

In recent days, the heartbreaking story of Fat Cat - a 21-year-old gamer from Hunan, China who went down to the Yangtze River after his girlfriend broke up with him, has left the online community heartbroken. Accordingly, this guy started online dating with his girlfriend named Dam Truc since he was 18 years old. During their relationship, Fat Cat transferred a total of 510,000 yuan (nearly 1.8 billion VND) to his girlfriend.

Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens - Photo 1

Accused of being a gold digger, scraping up Fat Cat's assets until the end of her life, Dam Truc quickly became the most criticized name in this country of billions of people. Many people are so excited that they want to execute Dam Truc's entire family. Although Dam Truc's father spoke up to pay the full amount of m.oney to Fat Cat's family, Dam Truc also posted a clip bowing his head to admit his mistake and apologize, but netizens still did not let Dam Truc go and continued to criticize him harshly.

Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens - Photo 2

The latest information about Dam Truc that shocked the world even more was that she was rumored to have been staged by Chinese magicians. Anyone who hears this information will be scared, a series of clips of worshiping altars also began to spread on tiktok. Amidst the curiosity, a Vietnamese tiktoker living in China also came forward to clarify and e.xpose the truth.

Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens - Photo 3

This female tiktoker's account name is "Mai In China", throughout the case she continuously updated interested people in Vietnam. About Dam Truc being suppressed by the police, she said: "The story of Dam Truc being suppressed, actually, I have been in China for a long time, after all these years I have never heard of any case of witchcraft or drug a.buse. curse or something, never listen.

Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens - Photo 4

As far as I'm concerned, I don't believe it, because there are a lot of collages on social networks. With keyboard warriors and modern technology, everyone understands whether they can do it or not. Whether it's true or not, I don't believe it. There are quick medicines here, so people can follow me and listen to me. As for the cases of quitting for a long time, lasting a long time, or being cursed, I have never heard of it."

Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens - Photo 5

Previously, clips of Dam Truc being physically assaulted were also spread on social networks. Netizens were very happy when watching, but according to the female tiktoker, these were all just rumors and the released clip was not true. not true. Currently, the police in China are also investigating the case. How Dam Truc is handled will take time.

Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens - Photo 6

Before leaving, Fat Meo did an extremely tiring job, which was plowing games for hire and playing games to m.ake m.oney. Every day he goes everywhere asking for orders. As long as he has orders, he can stay up all day and all night to play games for hire. Many friends and relatives around him also advised him not to work too hard, because this style of play will lead to a very high risk of sudden d.eath.

What makes his family and fans feel so sorry for this guy is that during the two years he loved Dam Truc's girlfriend, even though he earned a lot of m.oney, Fat Cat only ate temporary food for only about 10 yuan (35 thousand). contract/meal) and shabby motels, with no winter blankets.

Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens - Photo 7

The b.oy also shared online before ending his life: "I don't want to eat vegetables anymore, I want to eat McDonald's." Feeling sorry for Fat Cat's story, knowing that this 21-year-old man had never eaten good food in his life, many Chongqing people ordered a lot of expensive hamburgers and fried chicken and asked the delivery person to bring it to the bridge where he left with Hopefully in the next life, you can eat well and love yourself.

Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens - Photo 8

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