Dam Truc was accused of mining without training, Chinese people revealed the current situation

Phúc SenMay 14, 2024 at 09:59

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The truth about Dam Truc's current situation has just been fully revealed by a Vietnamese tiktoker in China. The detail that makes people confused is that this person affirmed that Dam Truc dug the Fat Meo mine with a "school" and methodical and large-scale strategy.

In recent days, information about the incident in China about the love story of Fat Cat and Dam Truc can be said to be the topic of most interest to netizens in this country. Not only that, in Vietnam, Fat Cat's story is equally h.ot. A series of harsh criticisms and stones were directed directly at Dam Truc by netizens, mourning the frustrating passing of the 21-year-old Fat Cat.

Dam Truc was accused of mining without training, Chinese people revealed the current situation - Photo 1

After apologizing and begging netizens to spare his life, Dam Truc still did not receive more positive feedback. She continued to be accused of making excuses, pushing reasons and not apologizing sincerely. Her current condition also makes Vietnamese netizens extremely concerned. Recently, a Vietnamese tiktoker living in China spoke up to e.xpose all the details going on in this country of billions of people.

Dam Truc was accused of mining without training, Chinese people revealed the current situation - Photo 2

Accordingly, when receiving many questions about Dam Truc's situation in China, after the Fat Cat incident. Tiktoker Mai In China has been fully updated. She said: "What is Dam Truc like? Mai knows everyone is very curious. Regarding the clips of Dam Truc being physically impacted, this is an inaccurate clip. Although everyone hopes this is real because Dam Truc Truc is receiving great resentment. Regarding whether Dam Truc is being boycotted or not, he is definitely in China, anyone who hears this story will be extremely angry, if he is boycotted in this country It's also very difficult at work.

Dam Truc was accused of mining without training, Chinese people revealed the current situation - Photo 3

Another problem is whether or not one goes to camp, whether one goes to camp or not, there must be time for judgment, not 1-2 days like people think. Currently, all the updated evidence has been announced by the male friend's sister to the Chinese online community and submitted to the lawyer. Truc finally apologized, blaming himself and Fat Cat for leaving behind such suffering.

Dam Truc was accused of mining without training, Chinese people revealed the current situation - Photo 4

There are many complaints but no one in the online community defends Dam Truc's words. Actually, Dam Truc mines in a course style, has been trained, and is very professional. This is also a normal mining case, in China there are many more terrible cases. When people hear other stories, they are certainly more shocked. Because this incident is a bit special, Vietnam is paying attention."

Dam Truc was accused of mining without training, Chinese people revealed the current situation - Photo 5

The shares of tiktoker Mai in China shocked Vietnamese netizens, and made Dam Truc even more angry. After Fat Cat left, his sister also made a statement. The sister said that during their relationship, the b.oy continuously worked hard 15 hours a day, not daring to eat well or shop. All the m.oney this guy earned was transferred directly to his girlfriend in the name of a "voluntary gift" so she could comfortably travel, shop, and eat during the two years they were together. However, in response to Fat Cat's efforts, his girlfriend suddenly said goodbye just a month before the two planned to register their marriage. Because he couldn't hold on many times, Fat Cat made a foolish decision.

Dam Truc was accused of mining without training, Chinese people revealed the current situation - Photo 6

Before the unfortunate incident happened, Fat Cat wrote online: "I don't want to eat 10 yuan (35,000 VND) food, I want to eat McDonald's." Feeling sorry for the story of the love-stricken b.oy, many netizens bought and sent fast food, milk tea, bread, and flowers to the place where the young man born in 2003 passed away.

Dam Truc was accused of mining without training, Chinese people revealed the current situation - Photo 7

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