The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify

Phúc SenMay 15, 2024 at 09:01

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Netizens are extremely confused by the information that the story that has caused a stir in recent days about a guy named Fat Cat is actually a fake story, not true. Vietnamese people living in China immediately spoke out clearly.

The incident of the b.oy nicknamed Fat Cat passing away because of love on April 11 is causing heated discussion among public opinion everywhere. In contrast to the sympathy for Fat Cat, netizens were angry about Dam Truc's girlfriend. Although not the direct cause of Fat Cat's departure, many netizens believe that Dam Truc also has a part of responsibility in the incident. It is known that Tan Truc (1997, Chongqing, China). She met Fat Cat through playing games.

The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify - Photo 1

Amidst the wave of accusations that Dam Truc was a gold digger, taking advantage of Fat Cat's feelings, 1 month after the incident broke out, netizens were even more confused when they received information that the entire story above was fictional, not true. real. Everyone had to gasp because of these rumors. Immediately, a Vietnamese tiktoker living in China spoke up to e.xpose the truth.

The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify - Photo 2

Specifically, a tiktok account named Mai In China has continuously updated about the incident. Speaking in a recent clip, the female tiktoker said: "I see a lot of people asking me if Fat Cat's story is a fake story, not real. I always answer, this is a real story, because of the information. The update is from someone's family, the sister went live on the livestream. It's impossible for someone to make fun of their loved one like that. They also collected the videos and extracted the camera. However, they cannot announce it because it will distract and confuse social networks."

The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify - Photo 3

Previously, this female tiktoker also spoke up to correct the clips of Dam Truc being physically impacted. She said: "What is Dam Truc like? I know everyone is very curious. Regarding the clips of Dam Truc being physically impacted, this is an inaccurate clip. Although everyone hopes this is real because Dam Truc Truc is receiving great resentment. Regarding whether Dam Truc is being boycotted or not, it is definitely true. In China, anyone who hears this story will be extremely angry, if he is boycotted in this country It's also very difficult at work."

The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify - Photo 4

After his d.eath, Fat Meo's sister shared with the media that his main source of income came from the job of "plowing" games for hire. During the two years of being in love with Dam Truc, Fat Cat transferred a total of 510,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion VND) to his girlfriend, not including many other gifts.

The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify - Photo 5

From the viral messages, it can be seen that Fat Cat always complies with every request from his girlfriend who is 6 years older than him. Not only on anniversaries, Valentine's Day... but normally the guy also often transfers m.oney to his girlfriend to please her. When the g.irl wanted to buy a bracelet for 9,999 yuan (about 35 million VND), the b.oy did not hesitate to transfer 10,000 yuan.

The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify - Photo 6

On Dam Truc's birthday last March, the young man gave his girlfriend an iPhone 15. The g.irl even "boldly" asked Fat Cat for 40,000 yuan (about 143 million VND) to open her flower shop. However, last April, Dam Truc said goodbye to Fat Cat. In the end, the 21-year-old b.oy chose a foolish way on April 11. It was not until April 23 that the young man was found.

The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify - Photo 7

Dam Truc also previously recorded a clip apologizing to netizens. Dam Truc said: "I'm really sorry. Fat Cat, I didn't appreciate you properly. Now I just want to make up. Can you come back? I'm really sorry for disappointing you." hope". However, Dam Truc's apology was not recognized by netizens. Many netizens said that her apology lacked sincerity and regret, like a temporary measure to escape public pressure. Some netizens were even upset by the way Dam Truc dressed in the apology video.

The Fat Cat case was rumored to be a fake story, Vietnamese people in China spoke up to clarify - Photo 8

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