Fat Cat's sister confirmed her younger brother's appearance, only publishing two pictures

Minh NgọcMay 11, 2024 at 20:24

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Many images believed to be Fat Cat's appearance in real life were distributed, but among them, only two were confirmed by his sister and made public to the public.

Fat Cat (born 2003, Hunan, China). Fat Cat was born and raised in a family that was not very harmonious. The b.oy's parents divorced when he was young. All his childhood, Fat Cat always grew up with his mother, lacking the warmth of a real family.

As he grew older, the relationship between Fat Cat and his family became more and more distant. He only often contacts his sister. Instead of going to college, at the age of 21, Fat Meo soon made a living by playing games for others.

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 1

However, 2 years ago, Fat Cat began to get to know a g.irl named Dam Truc (1997, Chongqing) through playing games. During the year of their relationship, the b.oy transferred a total of 510,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion VND) to his girlfriend. That's just m.oney transferred, not to mention designer handbags, cash, gold...

However, all the young man received in return was his girlfriend's indifference. During our 2 years of love, we only met twice. The girlfriend is also said to be constantly dating both men and women, only taking advantage of Fat Cat for m.oney.

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 2

The story shook China, spread to Vietnam and received the sympathy of many people.

On many social networking platforms, quite a few Vietnamese netizens have passed around a picture that is believed to be the appearance of Fat Cat. He was a b.oy with a youthful face, beautiful eyes, and an extremely scholarly appearance. Everyone expressed their regret for his painful passing.

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 3

However, according to some netizens, the image that is believed to be Fat Cat's true appearance that is circulating online is inaccurate. Some confirm that this person is a young teacher named Duong Quoc Quoc who is quite famous on Douyin in China.

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 4

The fact that someone posted a picture of this teacher and confirmed that it was Fat Cat's face made many fans confused and frustrated. There is also information that Fat Cat's appearance actually does not look like the image recently posted online.

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 5

The image is said to be the real appearance of Fat Cat

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 6

The images are believed to be of Fat Cat

This makes many people even more curious about the real appearance of the unfortunate b.oy. However, Fat Cat's sister only confirmed two photos related to her younger brother. Although his face is not visible, in the picture, Fat Cat now has a tall and thin appearance, exactly as described before.

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 7

The only 2 photos confirmed by her sister are Fat Cat

Previously, Fat Cat's sister confirmed the information that Fat Cat was 1m78 tall, weighed 100kg when she first arrived in Chongqing, and weighed 80kg when she passed away. The first time he met Dam Truc, he criticized Fat Cat for being fat, so he cried a lot that night.

According to Sohu, Fat Cat's sister authorized a lawyer to handle the case. She accused Dam Truc of taking advantage of Fat Cat's trust to defraud her of love and m.oney. The total amount of m.oney that Fat Cat gave Dam Truc amounted to 500,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion VND).

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 8

Fat Cat's sister livestream exposed Dam Truc

She shared on her personal page: "Today I have entrusted a lawyer and a team of lawyers to handle this issue. Next, everything will comply with the law. I hope, but who knows the truth of the matter?" can voluntarily become a witness in court or send evidence to my Douyin account.

Feeling sorry for the story of the love-stricken b.oy, many netizens bought and sent fast food, milk tea, bread, and flowers to the place where the b.oy born in 2003 passed away.

After the above heartbreaking incident, many netizens criticized and condemned the g.irl's cold heart and said that the b.oy was too sentimental and shallow in his thinking.

Many people believe that young people often fall in love impulsively, and when they are broken up or abandoned, they lack mature and clear thinking. Therefore, parents need to be a support and share experiences so that their children do not fall into tragedy when love breaks down.

Fat Cats sister confirmed her younger brothers appearance, only publishing two pictures - Photo 9

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