Fat Cat's sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape?

Thanh PhúcMay 11, 2024 at 10:18

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Amid the noise of the incident that shook China, a 21-year-old man nicknamed Fat Cat left forever because of his love for the g.irl Dam Truc. Recently, Fat Cat's sister shared the latest with the Chinese media, trying to appease public opinion.

In recent days, Chinese and Vietnamese social networks have continuously spread the story of a young man nicknamed Fat Cat (born 2003, Hunan, China). The story began on the morning of April 11 when a guy was said to have gone down to the Yangtze River (Chongqing) because of love. After his loss was announced to the family, his older sister checked the content of her brother's conversation and discovered that his impulsiveness was due to romantic problems with his girlfriend named Dam. Truc (born 1997).

Fat Cats sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape? - Photo 1

A wave of criticism quickly poured in on the g.irl Dam Truc, accusing her of being a bad person, taking advantage of others' compassion, and having no humanity. China's social network is in uproar, constantly throwing stones at Dam Truc, making it impossible for Dam Truc to "eat well and sleep peacefully". Besides, the sympathy and pity for Fat Cat is also proportional to the harshness of netizens towards Dam Truc. Many people even hunted down and demanded that Dam Truc be executed, frustrated by this g.irl's heart.

Fat Cats sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape? - Photo 2

Amidst the noise of the incident, Fat Cat's sister recently shared something with the media to calm public opinion. Specifically, Fat Cat's sister said in the media: "Thank you to all netizens for your concern about the untrue disturbances and rumors in recent days. I think a simple answer is needed." Thiet: Currently, my Fat Meo Beo case has been officially handed over to the police for handling, and the legal team is also collecting related evidence.

Fat Cats sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape? - Photo 3

"The law soothes people, nurtures people's hearts, punishes evil and promotes good. I want to find justice for my brother more than anyone, but handling any case takes time." ", Fat Cat's sister shared more.

Fat Cats sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape? - Photo 4

Previously, Fat Cat's sister said that during their relationship, her younger brother continuously worked hard 15 hours a day, not daring to eat well or shop. All the m.oney his younger brother earned was transferred directly to his girlfriend in the name of a "voluntary gift" so that she could comfortably travel, shop, and eat during the two years they were together. However, in response to Fat Cat's efforts, his girlfriend suddenly said goodbye just a month before the two planned to register their marriage. Because he couldn't hold on many times, Fat Cat made a foolish decision.

Fat Cats sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape? - Photo 5

After the incident, Fat Cat's sister personally contacted Dam Truc's girlfriend to clarify the situation. However, Dam Truc refused to meet, only saying that she would return Fat Cat's family 136,000 yuan (nearly 460 million VND) with the request that the b.oy's family sign a settlement record. Before making an impulsive decision, Fat Cat also transferred 66,666 yuan to Dam Truc and placed an order for flowers with 760 flowers symbolizing 760 days of love, but she was still indifferent.

Fat Cats sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape? - Photo 6

Dam Truc also previously had an apology clip. In the video she also said: "I'm really sorry, Cat Meo, it's because I don't know how to appreciate you, now I just want to reconcile with you, can you come back?". However, Dam Truc's apology was not recognized by netizens. Many netizens said that her apology lacked sincerity and regret, like a temporary measure to escape public pressure. Some netizens were even upset by the way Dam Truc dressed in the apology video.

Fat Cats sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape? - Photo 7

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