Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation

Phúc SenMay 10, 2024 at 16:40

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Revolving around the story that is shaking the entire people of China, about a 21-year-old man with the nickname Fat Cat, who chose to leave forever because of incomplete love. Recently, people were even more excited when a pregnant woman sent a heart-wrenching message.

On the morning of April 11, a young man threw himself into the Yangtze River (Chongqing), foolishly choosing to leave forever. It was not until April 23 that the young man was found. The b.oy was previously known as an online gamer with the name Fat Cat. After the b.oy suddenly passed away, the older sister, realizing something unusual, checked the content of her younger brother's conversation and discovered the heartbreaking story behind it. Turns out, the reason Fat Cat sought this method was because of love.

Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation - Photo 1

Accordingly, the sister said that during the year of their relationship, the b.oy transferred a total of 510,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion VND) to the g.irl. To earn more m.oney, Fat Cat set up 36 game accounts and earned 510,000 yuan (1.8 billion VND) in two years and played games up to 15 hours a day. He didn't even dare to spend m.oney on shopping and food, but only dared to eat green vegetables to have m.oney for his girlfriend. However, in response to Fat Cat's efforts, his girlfriend suddenly said goodbye just a month before the two planned to register their marriage.

Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation - Photo 2

Worth mentioning, the last text message that Fat Cat sent to his girlfriend was extremely sad: "We should have had a marriage certificate in May, but what happened... is all my fault. Without you I live. It doesn't make any sense anymore. In my next life I don't want to eat vegetables anymore, I want to eat McDonald's without you, take care of yourself!'.

Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation - Photo 3

The fact that Fat Cat could not get a quick meal as desired until his d.eath made the public feel sad. Worth mentioning, because he was born into a family with divorced parents, Fat Cat's lack of affection since childhood made everyone feel sad about the young man's tragic love story.

Recently, a comment from a Chinese woman about this incident made netizens heartbroken: "Mom is preparing to get pregnant, please reincarnate into my house, we have a house and a car." , you don't need to work hard.

Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation - Photo 4

Your father likes to play games and can play with you, your mother likes many delicious dishes, likes to eat McDonald's, fried chicken, she knows how to cook many dishes, from Cantonese to Sichuan, she also knows how to make cakes and pastries. In the evening, let's have dinner together, eat crayfish, eat grilled meat,... whatever you want to eat, I will buy it for you, whatever you crave, I will cook for you. We won't have to eat 10 yuan shipped food anymore."

Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation - Photo 5

Accordingly, the fact that the woman wanted Fat Cat to be reincarnated into her soon-to-be-born c.hild so that he could eat many delicious dishes made everyone emotional. Thinking about how Fat Cat grew up without enough love from his family, leading to him not being able to know how to love himself properly, makes many people feel sorry for him. Currently, many Chinese people still send food and flowers to the place where Fat Cat went, everyone praying that on the other side of the world the b.oy can have a better life!

Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation - Photo 6

Many people sent flowers and gifts to visit Fat Cat.

Vietnamese netizens also expressed their pity for the incident: "I really pity you, how can there be such a sincere and kind person? I hope in the next life he will meet someone who is kind and gentle with you." "I really love this friend!! For someone who doesn't deserve it, I'm so stupid to do this. Even to the last minute, you were still so kind that it hurt!" "I'm sorry he didn't meet someone who was sincere with him. He gave everything to someone who didn't deserve it."

Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation - Photo 7

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