The daughter of a 123-year-old woman in Hai Duong wants her mother to set a world record

Hoàng TrangMar 09, 2024 at 13:12

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According to documents, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Co (in Hai Duong) was recorded as being born in 1901, or 123 years old. Therefore, Mr. Co's family wants the government to help establish him as the oldest person in the world.

Previously, the online community was abuzz with information that Ms. Trinh Thi Khong - in Binh Loc commune, Long Khanh city, Dong Nai province - had carried out related procedures to be recognized as the oldest person in the world. Based on relevant documents authenticated by the authorities, Mr. Khong, who lives in the locality, was born on June 14, 1905. By this time, Mr. Khong had turned 119 years old.

According to Guinness World Records, as of 2024, the oldest person in the world is Maria Branyas Morera (Spain), who is 116 years old.

Therefore, many people believe that Mr. Khong is 3 years older than the oldest person in the world, meaning he can usurp this person's throne.

However, according to research by some media, Mr. Khong's age is currently lower than another woman living in Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Thi Co (Hai Duong province).

In fact, if based on the numbers recorded on the Citizen Identification Card, Mr. Co was born on January 1, 1901 (ie 123 years old, residing in Pham Khe village, Cao Thang commune, Thanh Mien district, Hai Duong province). is the oldest person in Vietnam. Mr. Co is 4 years older than Mr. Khong and 7 years older than the person currently recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest person in the world.

Talking to reporters, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hat (74 years old), Mr. Co's second daughter, said that after hearing that a 119-year-old woman in Dong Nai wanted to set the record for the world's oldest person, she decided to join the family. Her family also wants to file documents to establish a record.

"My mother is 123 years old, older than the others. However, now the family only has two elderly mothers and children, and they don't know what to do to set a record.

I ask everyone as well as the government to consider, guide and help so that my mother can be recognized as the oldest person in the world," Ms. Hat shared.

The daughter of a 123-year-old woman in Hai Duong wants her mother to set a world record - Photo 1

Regarding this issue, Mr. Pham Van Manh - Head of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Thanh Mien district (Hai Duong) confirmed that Mr. Co is currently living in the district and is the oldest person in Hai Duong province. according to the year of birth on the Citizen Identification Card.

However, from Mr. Co's family, there has been no proposal to the government regarding the issue of wanting to set the record for the world's oldest living person.

"We will consult with the family to understand their thoughts and wishes. If Mr. Co's family wants to file and propose that he be recognized as the world's oldest person, we will ask for their opinion. Get advice from the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs for specific instructions," Mr. Manh said.

The daughter of a 123-year-old woman in Hai Duong wants her mother to set a world record - Photo 2

The daughter of a 123-year-old woman in Hai Duong wants her mother to set a world record - Photo 3

It is known that Ms. Nguyen Thi Hat - Mr. Co's daughter, when she was young, had no intention of getting married and just wanted to stay and take care of her parents, but at the age of 28, she met someone who sympathized with her situation and promised to stay with her husband, so she decided to get married. After that, the husband wanted to move back to his father's hometown 20 km away to live. Mr. Co also advised "follow the boat, follow the husband" but Mrs. Hat thought the family did not have a son, the father was seriously ill, so she had to accept the hope. Have your own happiness and stay to take care of your parents.

At the end of 1982, his father passed away from a serious illness, the family's finances depended on several acres of rice fields. 3 years ago, Mr. Co's eyesight gradually blurred, his legs were slow, and he could not walk on his own. Mother and c.hild live on Mr. Co's elderly allowance of more than 1 million VND/month.

To save m.oney, Ms. Hat uses a wood stove to cook rice, does not turn on the fan, limits watching TV and instead listens to battery-powered radio... She tries to keep her monthly electricity bill within 50,000 VND to support poor households. . Staying at home to take care of her mother, she took advantage of raising a few chickens and growing vegetables in a small garden to improve her life.

The daughter of a 123-year-old woman in Hai Duong wants her mother to set a world record - Photo 4

Mr. Co's family is one of 7 exceptionally poor households in Pham Khe village. Many people were interested and called to ask about Mr. Co's secret to living a long life, but Mrs. Hat said she did not know what the secret to a long life was. She only shared the daily lifestyle of her 123-year-old mother. Every day, Mr. Co eats 3 meals, each meal consists mainly of h.ot rice and sesame salt, sometimes adding pieces of sausage, pork rolls, sometimes he drinks milk instead of rice or eats porridge, instant noodles... He always tells his daughter to make them. h.ot food, do not eat cold or cold food.

The daughter of a 123-year-old woman in Hai Duong wants her mother to set a world record - Photo 5

Mrs. Hat said that Mr. Co is not sick, his health has weakened due to old age. In previous years, when he was healthy, he often went to the playground and took a few walks, but in the past few years, when his eyesight became blurred, he only wandered around the house, sometimes lying in bed, sometimes in the hammock. Every night, Mrs. Hat regularly helps her mother go to the toilet 2-3 times, so her sleep has been incomplete for many years.

The daughter of a 123-year-old woman in Hai Duong wants her mother to set a world record - Photo 6

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