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Anne Hathaway: "The American Rose", hated just because she is too perfect

Famous stars

18:55:01 25/03/2024
Once the most hated person in America, however, after going through many ups and downs, Anne Hathaway has finally proven her talent and strength, becoming the most sought-after star in Hollywood.

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Kim Soo Hyun was intimate with a c.hild star 12 years younger than him, CDM sarcastically said: "Too deviant"

Korean stars

13:27:28 24/03/2024
The leaked intimate photo between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sae Ron has caused Korean netizens to question whether the two are dating. The actor's company spoke up to clarify the rumor.

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Han So Hee is mentally unstable after the drama "little tam", will she become the second Sulli?

Korean stars

16:40:02 23/03/2024
In recent days, the noise about the love story between Hyeri - Ryu Jun Yeol - Han So Hee has caused a stir on social networks. Every move of Han Soo Hee (who is considered a minor) always receives special attention from the public.

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Miss Thanh Thuy competes in Miss International 2024: Sweet beauty, impressive profile

Star's profile

15:30:11 23/03/2024
The news that Miss Thanh Thuy was nominated to represent Vietnam to participate in Miss International 2024 is causing a stir. Many people have high confidence that she will make things happen, because the queen will have extremely good beauty and profile.

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Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career

Chinese stars

14:14:30 23/03/2024
Chinese social networks are constantly buzzing with rumors about the Yangtze river peak showing signs of tax evasion. Fans are also constantly looking for evidence to justify the actress.

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Hyeri (G.irl's day) is Rose's best friend, entangled in a love drama with an ugly actor

Famous stars

17:09:16 22/03/2024
Hyeri is already a familiar name to the audience when she is successful in both singing and acting. However, not everyone knows clearly about her career path and personal life.

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Mai Phuong is afraid she will "die" when she goes to India: She must have 5kg of rice with her


15:24:17 21/03/2024
Miss Mai Phuong shared about her special journey when attending Miss World 2023. Netizens expressed their excitement when hearing the queen open up about these interesting experiences.

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Le Quyen was publicly asked for gifts by her young lover, people sarcastically said: Love each other because of material things

Vietnamese showbiz

09:48:15 21/03/2024
The interaction between Le Quyen and young lover Lam Bao Chau is receiving a lot of interaction from netizens. Many people expressed their dissatisfaction with Lam Bao Chau publicly asking for gifts from his girlfriend on social networks.

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Han So Hee's "male god" boyfriend and 5 facts not everyone knows

Korean stars

17:13:49 20/03/2024
Up to now, the buzz about the explosive love drama between Hyeri - Ryu Jun Yeol - Han So Hee still shows no signs of cooling down. Many people cannot help but be curious about the male god who caused two famous female stars to receive bitter results when falling in love.

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Ryu Jun Yeol learns from Song Joong Ki how to handle love drama: Pushing the ex as a shield?

Korean stars

14:56:33 20/03/2024
Amid the intense love drama going on, actor Ryu Jun Yeol still leisurely attended the event. The actor also revealed actions similar to Song Joong Ki in dealing with love drama.

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Chau Bui was embarrassed when the crew was banned from the event for an unexpected reason

H.ot KOLs

15:46:16 18/03/2024
The moment Chau Bui encountered an unexpected incident while entering a fashion event with her crew is currently causing a stir on social networks. Many netizens expressed surprise when they learned the reason Chau Bui had to fall into an awkward situation.

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan r.eveal their wedding plans: One similarity between Puka and his wife

Vietnamese showbiz

09:27:18 18/03/2024
Currently, couple Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan is very busy preparing for the upcoming wedding. However, netizens discovered a point that coincidentally coincided with the wedding of Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet.

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