41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered "sisters"

Bảo NamJun 12, 2024 at 17:45

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On the morning of June 12, social networks were abuzz with the story of a husband who "transformed" into a beautiful, gentle g.irl in just 6 months! What's more shocking is that the wife and children are still very supportive of this.

"If one day, your husband becomes a close sister, what will happen?" is a question many people ask after watching the famous movie The Danish G.irl. And at present, a true story of Thuy Tien (real name Van Tien, 41 years old, Da Nang) with a similar plot is also surprising the online community because it is similar to the movie, and also sending congratulations because The coming out journey has worked.

41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered sisters - Photo 1

Thuy Tien is a software engineer in Da Nang, has been married for 8 years and has 2 daughters. However, Tien also said that she is transgender and has only come out publicly about 6 months ago. In particular, when she became a woman, Thuy Tien was also comfortable wearing beautiful clothes, elegant dresses, and makeup to go out with her wife and friends. This makes many people admire because Tien receives great support from his wife.

41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered sisters - Photo 2

Sharing about the moment she realized her true gender, Ms. Tien said: "I realized it when I was 5-6 years old because I liked wearing beautiful dresses and makeup. But I never showed it, I only dared to secretly I took my two sisters' clothes to try them out. I knew that if I showed them off, my friends would tease and laugh at me. When I got older and went to school, I still owned some feminine things However, I'm an aesthetic person, I like to make everything beautiful, whatever style I have is that style, so I'm always very masculine, wearing men's clothes, not effeminate, so people around me don't recognize me. .

41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered sisters - Photo 3

Although her appearance is very masculine, on the inside, Thuy Tien has quite soft hobbies such as cooking, decorating the house, and taking care of her children. However, the people around him at that time simply praised Tien as "a capable and skillful man" and no one thought he was a transgender.

When she met the right partner, Thuy Tien still got married and had children. The two also had an 8-year journey together. Many people think that the wife will be very shocked to see that her husband is now a sister "in the same boat", wearing beautiful dresses to go to cafes. However, Thuy Tien said: "My wife has actually known for a long time. Before the wedding, I told my wife that I have a passion for women's fashion, and sometimes wear a few outfits for fun. I am also straightforward. said that if the wife agrees, then continue, but if not, then it's okay for both of them to stop. I'm a transgender but I still love women, so since the wedding, the family has been very happy and financially stable."

41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered sisters - Photo 4

Initially, Thuy Tien also said that she did not want to become a woman because she thought she was not beautiful. However, after losing weight, taking care of her b.ody, and wearing women's clothes and wigs, Tien found that she was suitable, so she decided to make herself more public. "Because my wife already knew it, when she saw me wearing women's clothes, a wig, or makeup, she wasn't too surprised but quickly supported me. Previously, my wife also watched The Danish G.irl and felt very sympathetic. "So there was no difficulty for my wife during the reception process. The pictures of her going to the cafe wearing a dress were also taken by her and she took them very beautifully," Tien added.

41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered sisters - Photo 5

After that, Ms. Thuy Tien gradually came out to her friends and both families. When she first started, Tien said she wasn't as good-looking as she is now, but because she had a small frame, she suited her very well when wearing women's clothes and was praised by many people. Regarding both sides of the family, Tien said she is very lucky to have a mother-in-law who enthusiastically supports her. The mother-in-law even encouraged and invited them to wear nice clothes together to go out.

Thuy Tien's biological mother was quite shocked when she received this information. Because Tien's father passed away early, her mother raised her three sisters alone and are now well off and admired by many people. Therefore, this seemed to be a huge s.hock for her mother. Currently, even though she has overcome the initial s.hock, Tien Le said it will still take some time for her to accept it.

41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered sisters - Photo 6

Immediately after being posted, the transgender woman's story attracted the attention of women's groups. Everyone complimented Tien Le's beauty and admired her for being true to people.

Some people admire the wife who accepted her transgender husband and became a woman like herself.

41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered sisters - Photo 7

- Tien Le is so pretty. It's only been 6 months but it's already so gentle. Congratulations on living your true self.

- After reading it, I sat and imagined if my husband told me. I don't know how I will react, what I will think? But I admire my sister-in-law and admire her. You two are so understanding and beautiful.

- So cute. If my wife also loves fashion, I'd love it. They are still husband and wife but also soulmates and fashion friends.

- Being true to yourself is the happiest thing! Congratulations, sister. But I want to express my gratitude to the wife, she must have loved her husband very much - it's not easy! Wishing our whole family happiness and peace!

41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered sisters - Photo 8

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