Seeing that the two twins were more and more different, her husband was shocked when he did a DNA test

Đình NhưMar 31, 2024 at 19:14

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Recently, a post on social networks attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Accordingly, realizing that the two twins were growing up very quickly but were not at all similar, a father went for a DNA test.

Because he worked as a river boat driver, the man had to be away from home for a whole month. When a lot of goods arrive, he has to go away for 2-3 months to return once, so the couple usually only calls zalo to chat with each other. When his wife became pregnant with twins, he was very happy and worried about her health.

Seeing that the two twins were more and more different, her husband was shocked when he did a DNA test - Photo 1

The husband shared: "When my wife was pregnant, and was pregnant with twins, I was very happy. But I was also very worried about her health. Because the pregnancy was heavy, when she came home from work, she was exhausted. I live in a 2-story house alone, without my husband. I know my wife will be sad and feel sorry for herself, so I call her more often to talk. Every day I remind her to eat enough, be careful when moving, especially Pregnancy examination as prescribed by the doctor.

Because his wife is agile and knows how to take care of herself, he feels secure. Even though she and her husband live far apart, every time she comes home from an ultrasound, she takes pictures of her children to show him to help him remember. Especially on the days when she was almost in labor, he looked forward to returning soon to accompany her on her labor journey.

Seeing that the two twins were more and more different, her husband was shocked when he did a DNA test - Photo 2

"Finally, the day my wife went into labor came and I was able to arrange work to go home. Because my wife was in labor, I was always by her side during the birth process. I was also allowed by the doctor to cut my umbilical cord myself. 2 new born children. The first minute of being skin to skin with my children made me extremely happy, this feeling is very difficult to describe.

After giving birth, thanks to the alternate care of my grandmother and grandmother, my wife was able to overcome the difficult months of confinement. In order for my wife to have more time to rest to recover her health better, after they returned home, I hired a maid who loves children very much. From then on, I felt more secure about my wife and tried to go home 1-2 days a month with my wife and children" - the husband recounted.

Seeing that the two twins were more and more different, her husband was shocked when he did a DNA test - Photo 3

Every time he comes home, he sees his two children growing up fast and healthy, so he is happy. But because the two twins were not identical, he felt confused. However, he still believes and understands that his wife never cheats. What he is worried about is that the hospital will give him the wrong b.aby after birth.

To clarify, he and his wife immediately took each other for a DNA test for their two children. The results received made both husband and wife stunned when they confirmed the truth: both children were biological children. When he asked the doctor this question, he received the result that the case of 2 girls having fraternal twins naturally is extremely rare. Experts call the phenomenon "super fertilization", a rate of only 1 in 13,000 cases.

Seeing that the two twins were more and more different, her husband was shocked when he did a DNA test - Photo 4

Accordingly, fraternal twins (non-identical twins) are cases where the mother has 2 eggs that are released at the same time and are fertilized with 2 completely separate s.perm at the same time. According to statistics, about 5 out of every 100 pregnant women will be pregnant with twins and 2/3 of those cases will be fraternal twins.

Fraternal twins will have more genetic differences than identical twins. The DNA structures of these pairs are only about 50% similar. Therefore, fraternal twins may have different appearances and genders when born.

Seeing that the two twins were more and more different, her husband was shocked when he did a DNA test - Photo 5

There are also some special cases where a mother is pregnant with fraternal twins because the mother was already pregnant but conceived again. This occurs when an additional egg from the mother is released after pregnancy and is fertilized by another s.perm in the same month. This phenomenon is called superfertilization.

After the doctor explained it in detail, he and his wife felt much more secure.

Seeing that the two twins were more and more different, her husband was shocked when he did a DNA test - Photo 6

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