Tinh That Bong Lai case: Le Tung Van's love affair exposed, response was dug up

Thanh PhúcMay 15, 2024 at 10:19

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Amid the noise about the Tinh That Bong Lai case, netizens recently continued to e.xpose the love story of abbot Mr. Le Tung Van. Wrong behavior is difficult for anyone to accept.

In 2022, netizens "unearthed" a clip about the wedding of "grandfather teacher" Le Tung Van in Tinh That Bong Lai, after the Security Agency investigated the Long An Provincial Police and decided to prosecuted the case "Tinh That Bong Lai" to investigate a number of important issues.

According to the video clip, Mr. Le Tung Van loudly announced that he would reward a large amount of m.oney to any g.irl who dared to claim to be his wife. "Grandfather Teacher" expressed: "If there is a g.irl in this country of Vietnam, or a g.irl outside of Vietnam like America, France, Germany, Australia... from any country, she dares to raise her hand. said: "I used to be Mr. Le Tung Van's wife", then Le Tung Van I will reward her with 100 million Vietnamese dong, or 1 billion Vietnamese dong."

Tinh That Bong Lai case: Le Tung Vans love affair exposed, response was dug up - Photo 1

Before the news, Mr. Le Tung Van was investigated by the authorities for three crimes at the same time, including b.lood relations. Many people have re-shared old clips, and this video is no exception when it was posted on a YouTube channel at the end of 2019 with the title: "Accused of 7 wives, many children and grandchildren, teacher Le Tung Van speak harshly."

Not only that, at a previous time, on the fanpage "5 Little Uncles - Zen Am on the Edge of the Universe", "grandfather teacher" Le Tung Van also posted a clip to refute the accusation that he had s.ex with bloodline, "using children for charity gain" and many other issues. In particular, Mr. Van was very angry when he thought that many people had slandered him on social networks. In addition, he also firmly affirmed that even though he is 90 years old, he has spent his entire life as a monk, has no wife, and no children, so he has the experience of teaching five "little monks" to win major prizes in a television competition.

Tinh That Bong Lai case: Le Tung Vans love affair exposed, response was dug up - Photo 2

In early January 2022, Vietnamese social networks were shocked when an image of a DNA examination result paper allegedly belonged to Mr. Le Tung Van - the head of Bong Lai Tinh That (later renamed Thien Am Bei) shore of the universe). This paper reflects that Mr. Le Tung Van is the biological father of 11 people living at the retreat, of which the oldest was born in 1990, the youngest was born in 2018. From the results of the assessment, people created a table " Bloodline diagram" is extremely detailed.

Tinh That Bong Lai case: Le Tung Vans love affair exposed, response was dug up - Photo 3

At that time, this assessment table was skeptical by many people, saying it lacked authenticity. However, until recently, when "grandfather teacher" Le Tung Van was officially decided to prosecute a criminal case by Long An Provincial Police, the "blood diagram" was gradually clarified.

Le Thanh Ky Duyen - who is identified as the c.hild of Mr. Le Tung Van and Ms. Le Thu Van - is being sought by the Security Investigation Agency to serve the investigation because he is suspected of committing a crime in an important case. b.lood relatives in Tinh That Bong Lai. This g.irl also appears in the "bloodline diagram" as both a c.hild and a "wife". In addition to Duyen, there is another c.hild named Le Thanh Huyen Trang who is also suspected of having committed wrongdoing with Le Tung Van.

Tinh That Bong Lai case: Le Tung Vans love affair exposed, response was dug up - Photo 4

Regarding the latest developments in the case of "Tinh That Bong Lai", according to the media, Associate Professor-Dr. Nguyen Anh Dung, Deputy Director of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, has sent official dispatch 4060 to urgently send public and non-public hospitals. ; Medical centers and District Health Departments and Thu Duc City direct and coordinate to review and provide information, documents, and electronic data related to the b.lood relationship case in Long An.

Tinh That Bong Lai case: Le Tung Vans love affair exposed, response was dug up - Photo 5

This case is related to Mr. Le Tung Van (92 years old) in a place calling itself "Bong Lai Tinh That" (also known as Thien am on the edge of the universe), Lap Thanh hamlet, Hoa Khanh Tay commune, District 1. Duc Hoa, Long An.

Tinh That Bong Lai case: Le Tung Vans love affair exposed, response was dug up - Photo 6

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