Diem My's disappearance at Tinh That Bong Lai: The truth about the secret bunker rumor

Thiên DiMay 14, 2024 at 17:03

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Regarding the case at "Bong Lai Tinh That", the whereabouts of Vo Thi Diem My still arouse public interest, many people also ask the question "Where is Diem My now?". From here, many rumors also appeared to explain this mysterious disappearance.

Regarding the "Bong Lai Tinh That" case, the Security Investigation Agency of Long An Provincial Police also decided to search for Vo Thi Diem My (25 years old; residing in Quarter 1, Binh Hung Hoa A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) to serve the investigation of the case of Abusing democratic freedoms, violating State interests, legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

Diem My has been confirmed missing since 2020. Many people also asked the question "Where is Diem My now?". That is the question that Diem My's biological parents have been looking for an answer to all this time.

Diem Mys disappearance at Tinh That Bong Lai: The truth about the secret bunker rumor - Photo 1

Previously, in a trial in 2022, Vietnamnet newspaper reported the words of Ms. Doan Thi Tuyet Mai (Diem My's mother) in court saying that, before being lured into the "Bong Lai Tinh That", Diem My was a student. 3rd year university student. The family has also prepared documents waiting for her to study abroad.

Also according to Ms. Mai, in 2019, her family visited the pagoda in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. While sleeping at the temple at night, Diem My met a group of people living in the "Bong Lai Pure Room". These people introduced to Diem My that their temple was very special, with Udumbara flowers blooming. Practicing at the temple will become a genius and they invited Diem My on April 12, 2019 to come visit.

On the night Diem My left home, her family called Diem My to dissuade her, but the g.irl was determined not to go abroad to study but wanted to become a "monk" at "Bong Lai Tinh That".

Diem Mys disappearance at Tinh That Bong Lai: The truth about the secret bunker rumor - Photo 2

Until mid-December 2019, Diem My's parents went to the place to ask their daughter to return home but faced opposition from Diem My herself and people in the Bong Lai Tinh That. Unable to meet their c.hild, the two had to ask for help from the authorities.

By early 2020, Diem My's parents "received" their c.hild back from the police agency of Duc Hoa district, Long An province. However, Diem My only stayed at home for 6 months and then found all kinds of ways to escape from home: From hiding through the window in the bathroom to escaping from the 3rd floor. Exactly from June 11, 2020 Up to now, the family can no longer contact Diem My.

Diem Mys disappearance at Tinh That Bong Lai: The truth about the secret bunker rumor - Photo 3

The 4 years Diem My was missing were 4 years when countless rumors appeared about the location of the g.irl born in 1999. The most shocking rumor was that My was locked in a mysterious "secret room" in the Bong Lai Pure Room. However, after many searches by the authorities, they did not discover any secret rooms.

A person who has collected evidence for many years about the violations of the Bong Lai Tinh That once shared with Dan Tri newspaper: "I dare to confirm that there is no secret cellar in there. The information is completely "secret". It's a fabrication. It's an old house, built decades ago, where did you get the secret cellar? The surrounding area is often flooded, the cellar can't stand it."

Diem Mys disappearance at Tinh That Bong Lai: The truth about the secret bunker rumor - Photo 4

Sharing in Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, Mr. Thang and Ms. Mai said that after many years of searching until now, the family still has no information about Diem My. After more than 4 years of losing contact with Diem My (since June 11, 2020), this young g.irl's parents sent a message to their daughter:

Diem Mys disappearance at Tinh That Bong Lai: The truth about the secret bunker rumor - Photo 5

"Recently, the authorities have prosecuted people involved in violations at Tinh That Bong Lai. Therefore, if you read this information, please return home to your parents and younger brother. The family is still above all. My parents always forgive me, and don't even get angry or blame me for the mistakes I made.

Diem Mys disappearance at Tinh That Bong Lai: The truth about the secret bunker rumor - Photo 6

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