From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech?

RoséMar 28, 2022 at 11:09

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This incident is also a wake-up call for most social network users today.

On March 27, the Ho Chi Minh City Police Investigation Police Agency invited some people in the team to conduct hundreds of livestreams of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang to work. These people are assistants and employees assigned by Ms. Hang to manage social networking channels YouTube, Facebook, TikTok... to post information, perform hundreds of livestreams at the request of Ms. Hang.

There is also a technical team who participates in script discussion, prepares content for Ms. Hang to speak in livestreams, consultants, and guests who sit together in livestreams. The police will clarify who made the script, provided the documents, and who exploited the technology to post on social networks.

From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech? - Photo 1

From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech? - Photo 2

Even groups of YouTubers, Facebookers, and TikTokers who often follow Ms. Hang to record clips and livestreams when she calls and gather in places where she goes to cause insecurity are also clarified by the police. Nguyen Phuong Hang's offensive livestream shows that many people are having misconceptions about the right to freedom of speech and a.buse of this right to infringe on the rights of individuals and organizations.

This incident is also a wake-up call for most social network users today. There used to be many people who casually went online to i.nsult their privacy, condemn someone... without knowing that they were going beyond the limits allowed by the law and then had to bear unwanted legal consequences.

From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech? - Photo 3

From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech? - Photo 4

Not only Vy Oanh, Dam Vinh Hung and many others were also insulted by Ms. Hang for a long time without basis. Recalling the long days of being insulted by Mrs. Hang, singer Dam Vinh Hung bitterly said: "No one is interested or patient enough, under the pressure of public opinion. , easy to believe ... rush to judge, throw stones ... make trust disappear. Hung himself at that time also had to shrink back to make it easier for the authorities to work."

From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech? - Photo 5

Nguyen Phuong Hang's case is not unique to the situation of one person, a group of people who give themselves the right to stand up to condemn, denounce and i.nsult others when the information has not been verified. Just in early March, Meritorious Artist Thoai My was accused of "ignoring" veteran artist Hong Sap.

A very short clip recorded with the above title was released, thousands of c.ursing comments aimed at the veteran female artist: "Silver", "grateful", "have m.oney to pick up and give people, no m.oney to look at". Ignore who"...

Only when a series of artists such as Meritorious Artist Kim Tieu Long, artist Binh Tinh (Leader of Huynh Long) and the family of artist Hong Sap also spoke out, the clip was removed. But to this day, the case is still smoldering, occasionally being repeated.

From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech? - Photo 6

The living are cursed, the dead are not forgiven. The case of singer Van Quang Long's family asking for help is an example. The people involved were also harmed, the male singer's ex-wife was insulted by more than 20 YouTubers with slanderous words, insulting honor and dignity... In a short time, hundreds of clips were published. , targeting family, ex-wife, young children and deceased singer.

The cases are fake rumors, unverified, accusations from virtual accounts, but there are also cases that simply "like to curse". Ugly words are danced by keyboard heroes, view sentences, like sentences. Not only singers, actors, public figures, but also ordinary people easily become victims of the market.

From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech? - Photo 7

Previously, in April 2018, the People's Court of District 2 (now Thu Duc City), Ho Chi Minh City issued a judgment forcing Mr. TQH (a teacher of a high school in District 2) to publicly apologize to Ms. PTBN (a colleague of Mr. Mr. H) at work. At the same time, he had to pay 20 million VND for posting false news on Facebook.

Specifically, Mr. H. posted on the social network Facebook that Ms. N. had revealed the literature exam questions to students before the midterm exam 2.

From the case of Ms. Hang's livestream "stirring" MXH: What is the limit of freedom of speech? - Photo 8

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