Page Nemo called "sister in white", was asked to do 1 thing but flatly refused!

Hoàng PhúcFeb 05, 2022 at 06:33

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The unexpected phone call attributed to Trang Nemo and "white shirt sister" is spreading on social networks, causing people to stir.

The noise of Trang Nemo - Tran My and the "white shirt sister" character named Khanh (who was beaten) is considered the hottest drama at the end of 2021. I thought the matter was over after nearly a noisy month, but recently, Tran My's side suddenly released "evidence" accusing Trang Nemo of apologizing to "white shirt sister" but not sincerely.

Specifically, in the livestream of T.Đ.T (Khanh's friend) on the afternoon of the 4th of Tet, this person returned to the conversation of Trang Nemo and Khanh.

Page Nemo called "sister in white", was asked to do 1 thing but flatly refused! - Photo 1

Trang Nemo side apologized on behalf of the staff for harming Khanh's spirit and health. However, Khanh did not accept, wanted Trang Nemo to apologize in person, not by phone.

However, due to busy year-end work and busy working with the police, Trang Nemo could not fulfill this request.

"Now, Trang also apologizes on the online community. Now to fix Khanh's mental and health loss, what is the cost Khanh just say ...", Trang Nemo said in the phone , but still did not receive the consent from the "white shirt sister".

After this phone call, Tran My's side also released a handwritten apology card, saying that this card was sent by 4 staff members who beat Khanh on the 29th of Tet.

Page Nemo called "sister in white", was asked to do 1 thing but flatly refused! - Photo 2

Currently, the Nemo page has not yet clarified the truth of the above phone conversation.

Before that, the owner of the shop with 1 million followers also released a clip lamenting about being "revenge" when she encountered a series of events from the sky, sometimes being thrown with shrimp paste on the 27th of Tet, sometimes being slapped on the cheek by a strange man. ...

Being believed by many people to be behind the splashing of shrimp paste into a private house and b.eating Trang Nemo in Ben Tre, the "white shirt" side named Khanh, specifically, Ms. T.Đ.T has officially spoken.

"On this livestream, Hai also apologized to Khanh because when Hai gave the evidence, I would certainly be surprised, but Hai had to do it. Because this is more or less my honor and Hai's honor, but I've been silent for too long... Now if it's shrimp paste or not shrimp paste, it's all on my side... In the morning it (Trang Nemo) posted a post telling followers to come down to Ben Tre, although it didn't. say which side but it implies, and then many people come to my site saying I play dirty...

My side is very angry, but my side still respects the law, so far we have not done anything wrong, never threatened... Hit people but now apologize over the phone. , if it's you, what do you think?" - Ms. T.Đ.T said in the livestream.

Page Nemo called "sister in white", was asked to do 1 thing but flatly refused! - Photo 3

Before that, on the morning of February 4 (ie the 4th of the Lunar New Year), Trang Nemo suddenly shared a rather long post about being splashed and threatened by a group of people while going out to celebrate Tet with their family in Ben Tre, along with a copy of the text. The full clip was filmed from many different angles where the incident happened at the restaurant.

Page Nemo wrote:

"- After the day I was splashed with shrimp paste at my home on the morning of the 27th New Year.

- 4 am on the first day of the first day of the year, drop shrimp paste at the shop.

- Then he was tracked back to his hometown and splashed with water and threatened when the whole family went out to eat on the 2nd.

For fear of implicating adult families, Trang returned to Saigon overnight. Trang's husband and family have reported to the local police and authorities to solve the case."

Page Nemo called "sister in white", was asked to do 1 thing but flatly refused! - Photo 4

The Nemo page also questioned whether people who did the same to them thought about the people around them being affected as well. Trang Nemo added: "More than anyone else, after making mistakes, Trang clearly feels the economic and mental damage will certainly be inevitable. Trang is apologizing to herself and what she did first. That's with everyone. But that's not why Trang holds a grudge."

Before the above incidents, Trang Nemo once posted a clip of bowing to apologize for the incident involving Tran My. In the clip, Trang admits that she did not handle the recent incident well and acted badly so that the incident caused a stir in public opinion for many days. At the same time, on behalf of Trang's staff, we apologize for letting you cause inappropriate actions. "Right now Trang knows what she said everyone is not satisfied, so Trang would like to acknowledge it and try to handle it in the best way to minimize the seriousness of the problem, this will be a deep lesson. color for Trang about how to behave later when dealing with things," she said.

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