Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious

Hoàng PhúcOct 25, 2022 at 10:53

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After a while of being noisy with Trang Nemo, Tran My became quiet and appeared less in front of the media. It seems that the " h.ot g.irl livestream" has chosen to live peacefully and less drama than before.

However, Tran My recently made a surprise when she uploaded a clip recording sweet and emotional moments between her and her husband during the wedding ceremony and in their love journey.

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 1

In the wedding, you can see that the space is designed very cozy and romantic. Bride Tran My wears a wide-brimmed wedding dress with a stylized off-shoulder highlight to help her o.ff her tattoo. Along with the princess outfit, she uses a gentle curly hairstyle combined with a crown accessory. Viewers can easily recognize the happiness and fullness clearly reflected in the facial expressions of Tran My and her husband.

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 2

On the husband's side, he also shows sincerity and full of affection for his wife. No matter how many storms surround him, he has always accompanied his wife during the past time. As for Tran My, although she rarely mentions about love, looking at her happy face, many people are sure that "hot g.irl livestream" has chosen the right person.

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 3

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 4

Referring to Tran My, no one is unaware that she currently owns a cosmetic system with dozens of agents across the country. According to the owner, Tran My has been doing business since she was a second-year student so as not to depend on her family. The first product in the sales career of the h.ot g.irl born in 1997 is the skin and face whitening bath products. At that time, Tran My's capital was only 700 thousand VND. However, thanks to her cute and charming personality every time she goes to livestream, in a short time, she has become a distributor and retailer for others. Not stopping there, until there was a certain number of "intestinal" customers, Tran My took the risk to set up her own cosmetic brand.

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 5

Although his main job is selling online, Tran My is also famous and has a huge following on social networks thanks to his humorous, even somewhat naive statements right on the livestream. Typically, the mental calculator offers a 50% discount on products for customers. Specifically, when taking 550 thousand dong divided by 2, Tran My wrongly calculated the result to 225. But when someone realized and twisted that it was not 225, the h.ot g.irl wondered "Oh, how many cheeks" because she thought i'm right. This clip later became a trend on social networks and was edited by many netizens.

Or like another time, while eating and talking with fans, Tran My made statements that thought were poetic and poetic, but in fact were wrong like: "No matter what anyone says, my heart is still strong, isn't it? the whole family", "a horse eats the whole ship and leaves the grass",... But it is undeniable that it is that innocence that has created a "brand" for Tran My. Even though many people don't plan to buy cosmetics, they always go to her personal page to watch the entertainment livestream for fun.

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 6

As a network phenomenon that owns hundreds of thousands of followers, Tran My has repeatedly "slandered" and got into trouble with many other famous people such as: TikToker Huynh Dat, Minh Plastic's daughter or most recently H.ot g.irl selling clothes Trang Nemo.

In 2019, Joyce Pham (real name Minh Anh) once contacted and cooperated with Tran My and acted as an agent for her cosmetic brand. However, after a period of time when the sales did not issue an order, Minh Plastic's daughter contacted to return the goods and get the m.oney back, but could not agree with Tran My. Therefore, two h.ot girls in Saigon "faced each other" and repeatedly denounced each other online because the opponent was not fair. After that, Tran My's line of whitening and skin-care cosmetics was constantly "unmasked" because of the lack of quality assurance and high price, but despite her words, she still stood firm and continued to livestream to sell products. products until now.

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 7

Most recently, Tran My continued to be entangled in a "war of words" on social networks with Trang Nemo when they both traded in a weight loss support product. She was discovered by her seniors that she arbitrarily took photos of her copyrighted products to advertise and sell.

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 8

After many days of hinting at each other on the livestream, on the afternoon of January 16, Tran My went to Trang Nemo's shop to "three faces and one word". Not only talking, but between the two h.ot girls, there were many other unfortunate events that attracted hundreds of curious Saigon people to fill the streets.

Hotgirl Tran My got married after being noisy with Trang Nemo, the other half's identity is curious - Photo 9

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