Xuan Ca: "Ideology" leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers

JLOMay 18, 2024 at 16:54

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Remember that earlier this year, Top Top residents were constantly buzzing about the account of beautiful g.irl Xuan Ca, born in 2001, from Binh Thuan. She emerged as a new TikTok phenomenon with her attractive dance performances.

Beautiful girls are quick and flexible to quickly catch trends at that time. This female TikToker's hip-shaking dance alone has earned millions to tens of millions of views and won the hearts of viewers.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 1

It is undeniable that at the beginning of her rise, the h.ot g.irl born in 2001 became an internet phenomenon, even considered an "ideology". At one point, netizens even invited each other to follow the trend of learning to shake their hips like Xuan Ca because it was attractive. Xuan Ca also received many positive comments about her b.ody shape, beauty and personality. Not only that, her b.ody is also extremely h.ot. Xuan Ca pursues a dynamic and seductive style but is still very feminine and sweet. The online community at that time admitted that the young g.irl was beautiful in the past, but now she is truly the pinnacle of beauty.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 2

The story has now reversed. After many times r.evealing her unique beauty, Xuan Ca once again became the focus of beauty competitions. Appearing with Ciin and Tammy at an event, the h.ot TikToker made people stir with her real life image, which is much more "subdued" than the million-view clips on TikTok. Compared to the pictures or clips she posted herself, she doesn't have a tight figure and her style is not as attractive. Not only that, when standing with CiiN and Tammy, Xuan Ca is inferior.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 3

Another time, wearing a swimsuit to welcome summer, Xuan Ca was also put on the table to compare with Hoang Lan Anh. In contrast to the n.ude image of her "colleague", Xuan Ca's display of her sunny, "salty sea" skin did not seem to be well received.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 4

Until recently, standing in the same frame with Ngan Ha, MisThy, and h.ot gymnastics g.irl Louis Pham (Pham Nhu Phuong), Xuan Ca once again received embarrassing comments. People say that, up to now, it is no longer possible to blame the s.hooting angle, lighting or objective conditions because the pink shadows next to them still shine regardless. There are doubts that her deteriorating appearance is due to her excessive cosmetic intervention.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 5

Faced with criticism in the beauty tragedy, Xuan Ca has never once commented or responded. She chose to be quiet, work hard and gradually improve herself.

In addition to her beauty, Xuan Ca's private life is also controversial. Most recently, she was criticized for being too intimate with her best friend's lover.

Accordingly, the source of the noise started from a clip of Xuan Ca saying three words to the couple, witnessed by friends from both sides in front of a bar. The clip began to spread widely from April 17.

After the clip spread on social networks, Xuan Ca received a lot of criticism from netizens. Faced with this backlash, she chose to block comments on all platforms.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 6

In the early afternoon of April 21, 4 days after the incident happened, Xuan Ca suddenly spoke up.

First, she explained the reason for her silence all this time because she had just undergone surgery and apologized to everyone, including her female friend, for affecting her private life.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 7

More importantly, Xuan Ca also corrected and summarized the emotional "roundabout" between Xuan Ca and the other couple as follows:

- Xuan Ca and his female friend are not close friends and have never known each other before.

- Xuan Ca and his male friend met for the first time on February 24, 2024, at that time the male friend confirmed that he was SINGLE.

- After that, the male friend proactively texted Xuan Ca and on March 1, he texted "I broke up" (ie: I broke up - PV), so the two entered the courtship phase like other couples. .

- On the evening of March 4, Xuan Ca and his male friend went to the club and had an intimate act with each other. She affirmed that she did NOT use banned substances as some pages said.

- On the evening of March 4, a female friend texted Xuan Ca and 2 hours later, she and her group of friends came to meet her to talk. The whole group went out to solve the problem - this is the clip that was spread on social networks.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 8

- Here, Xuan Ca and his female friend discovered that the male lead lied to both of them. Accordingly, the female friend said that they are still lovers but they are both angry with each other and there is no reason to break up.

- Meanwhile, the male friend still claimed that he and the female friend had broken up, so Xuan Ca knew that the male lead lied to both girls.

- Xuan Ca and his girlfriend decided to settle the matter amicably, resolve the misunderstanding and apologize to each other right then and there.

Xuan Ca: Ideology leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers - Photo 9

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