Blonde Hoe was sarcastically mocked for stir-frying lemongrass peppers, and was defended

Bảo NamJun 04, 2024 at 16:28

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Blonde Hoe has long been no stranger name, she is one of the very popular TikTokers in the mukbang segment. Currently, her personal channel has more than 2.1 million followers and more than 35.7 million likes.

The dishes that Blonde Hoe mukbang is almost always very attractive, so it attracts countless views. However, recently, she caused controversy when she mukbang a very "unique" dish, which is fried ice with lemongrass peppers.

Blonde Hoe was sarcastically mocked for stir-frying lemongrass peppers, and was defended - Photo 1

In the video, Blonde Hoe ate lemongrass stir-fried ice, specifically stir-fried pebbles with ingredients such as garlic, onions, peppers, lemongrass, lemon leaves and added spices. She said it tastes mostly spicy, but also salty, sweet and slightly sour.

At first glance, many people still think that the dish that the female TikToker mukbang is is a snail. However, it wasn't until she ate and introduced that netizens "fell on their backs". This also quickly created mixed streams of controversy. In it, there are people who say that if she runs out of food to eat, she can stop for 1 day instead of eating ice like that. One follower even claimed to unfollow Blonde Hoe.

Blonde Hoe was sarcastically mocked for stir-frying lemongrass peppers, and was defended - Photo 2

In fact, this lemongrass chili stir-fried ice actually exists and was not deliberately created by the female TikToker to catch views. Lemongrass chilli stir-fry comes from Hubei province (China). The full name of this dish is sautéed pebbles with chili, otherwise known as soudiu. According to many oral stories, in the past, there were delivery ferry drivers across Hubei who ran aground in the middle of the river. In the midst of running out of food, they came up with a way to pick up stones at the bottom of the river to cook with spices to create a dish. That is why lemongrass and chili stir-fried ice was born.

Blonde Hoe was sarcastically mocked for stir-frying lemongrass peppers, and was defended - Photo 3

The flavor of this dish is mainly created from the spices prepared together. The eater mainly eats the spices, the sauce and the ice will be released. This dish is also made videos by many Chinese mukbangers.

Underneath the video of TikToker Blonde Hoe, there are also some netizens explaining the origin of this dish to "exonerate" her. This clip was also responded to by many people and said that at the end of the month, if you run out of m.oney, you can eat this dish.

As can be seen, today's youth really see TikTok as a vast creative space where they can express their personality, interests, and abilities. The platform provides users with the opportunity to create unique content and spread it to millions of others. For many young people, TikTok is not only a place of entertainment but also a powerful tool for personal branding, career growth, and even monetization.

Understanding that, training programs, courses on building TikTok channels, building personal brands are opened to meet the needs of young people. Recently, people were also stirred by the announcement of the Battle Training Course to become a million-view TikToker from Hanoi National University. This makes everyone both excited and surprised because the star school "catches the trend" so quickly.

Blonde Hoe was sarcastically mocked for stir-frying lemongrass peppers, and was defended - Photo 4

In fact, according to research, this announcement comes from the Center for Management of Training and Retraining (PUF-IFI), Faculty of International Francophony, under Hanoi National University. It's called a "million-view TikToker" training course, but more accurately, this is a cross-platform personal branding course and million-view TikTok channel development.

It is known that this course will train skills to build and develop a successful TikTok channel, with an emphasis on personal brand development, developing engaging content, and using strategies to create viral videos on TikTok.

Blonde Hoe was sarcastically mocked for stir-frying lemongrass peppers, and was defended - Photo 5

The audience of the course is people who want to build and develop a personal brand on the TikTok platform. Even content creators want to learn how to create engaging and viral content videos on TikTok to increase engagement and reach their target audience.

Marketers and people in the media want to understand how to use TikTok as an effective marketing tool and create quality content to engage and engage with audiences. Business owners who want to use TikTok to promote their products and services, build their brands, and create a caring online community...

Blonde Hoe was sarcastically mocked for stir-frying lemongrass peppers, and was defended - Photo 6

Registered students will have 4 Zoom lessons (3 hours/session). Not only that, those who register for the course will be consulted and accompanied to build a TikTok channel 1-1 after the course with famous experts.

The course content will revolve around topics such as: What is a personal brand; 3 steps to successful personal branding; Apply personal branding to building a sustainable TikTok channel; Formulas and principles for building battle channels; Infinite content concept to make viral videos; Some basic algorithms of TikTok...

Blonde Hoe was sarcastically mocked for stir-frying lemongrass peppers, and was defended - Photo 7

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