Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet

Phong TrầnFeb 08, 2024 at 12:20

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Mimosa is known as a popular streamer, he is loved for his professional gameplay on livestream and interesting personality in real life. Few people know, he is also the son of the famous artist Zhou Hung - the "The Judge".

Mimosa, whose real name is Chu Viet Dung, is a much-loved streamer. Previously, Mimosa worked in esports for ESV, but now he is a full-time caster of the 23 creative brand. He is a popular streamer of the Dota2 and PUBG communities. He has commentated for major tournaments of Dota 2 and Pubg and has been given the cute name "captain" by fans.

Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet - Photo 1

Sharing about his destiny to the caster profession, Mimosa said that his life was associated with esports from a very early age and until now, it is still the same. He thinks that it is not a charm, even when he was a gamer, he had the opportunity to experience this job and found himself very suitable for the profession.

Mimosa was born in 1992, he is not only known as a streamer but also as the biological son of Chu Hung – who played The "Tick" in the hit TV series The Judge .

Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet - Photo 2

Because he is the son of the Judge , Mimosa is also known as the "patriarch of the game village".

Chu Viet Dung is known to have a romance with his h.ot g.irl girlfriend Phuong Thao. The couple began to love each other in 2019. Thao is a huge fan of Mimosa and often donates to the male streamer.

During their time in love, the two experienced many turbulences. Mimosa and Fang Thao once broke up but still got back together. They also had a long distance relationship when Phuong Thao went to study abroad in Japan.

Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet - Photo 3

In January 2022, Mimosa and Phuong Thao officially became husband and wife. The couple held a cozy wedding at their home.

Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet - Photo 4

On their one-year wedding anniversary, Chu Viet Dung threw a small private party with his wife. He did not forget to share this romantic moment, with the message "fall back": "On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of marriage, I advise you not to get married". Having become accustomed to Mimosa's muddy personality, netizens laughed at this unique celebration.

Underneath the post, the Streamer's wife responded succinctly: "If you don't get married, stream me." This interaction received many explosive reactions. Mimosa is also referred to as the "Devil Destroyer". Not only that, Phuong Thao also shared this photo with the status: "Old but cheesy uncle". It shows that the funny g.irl is no less than her husband.

Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet - Photo 5

A big event happened to him, on February 7 (ie 28 Tet), Mimosa lamentably announced the farewell of his father, Chu Hung, shocking many people.

Specifically, he wrote: "Hello aunts, uncles, uncles, hello brothers, sisters, brothers, brothers, hello everyone.

I am the son of Zhou Xiong's father. Please inform on behalf of the family. My father, Artist Zhou Hung, passed away at 12:15 a.m. on December 28, 2024 (i.e. February 7, 2024) at his home, after a period of serious illness. The time of the funeral service will be announced later.

Artist Chu Hung would like to say goodbye to everyone who has cared and loved during this time."

He shared that his father passed away from cancer after a long battle with the disease.

Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet - Photo 6

According to the obituary, Chu Hung's visitation was held at 9 a.m. on Feb. 8 at the funeral home of Viet Soviet Friendship Hospital, Bach Dang, Hai Ba Trung. The funeral service took place at 10:45 a.m. on the same day. After that, the artist was buried in his hometown of Dai Ang, Thanh Tri, Hanoi.

Not only the male streamer but also his father, the veteran artist of the Vietnamese film industry is also loved by many people, so when they heard the news of his d.eath, the audience and colleagues could not help but mourn.

Director Ta Huy Cuong wrote: "Mourning uncle, a talented but short-lived artist, who has only worked with him 2-3 times but is very impressed by his person and style. R.I.P. artist Zhou Hung". Mai Hien, actor Chien Thang, singer Ho Quang 8... farewell to the Judge actor.

Artist Hoang Thanh wrote: "Farewell to you."

"Uncle rest in peace. Sincere condolences to his family. On the way back to my hometown hearing the news of my uncle's passing, I really pitied him. North Eagle, The World lives forever in the hearts of the audience," actor Lai Thanh shared.

Actor Hoang Phuc Anh, who plays the disciple of the character played by Chu Hung in the movie The Judge farewell: "Condolences to the family. Farewell big brother."

He who has departed wishes only to rest in peace, he who r.emains full of remembrance. Mimosa and his wife announced on behalf of the family to the audience and friends and colleagues of his sudden passing. He hid his grief to take care of his father to the fullest of the final procedures. Many of Mimosa's friends and colleagues after hearing the news also sent their condolences, comfort and encouragement to his family. This is not only a loss of a small family but also a great loss of Vietnamese art when the veteran artist keeps "saying goodbye" to the small screen audience.

Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet - Photo 7

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