Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wife's family, saying that he was not "bad" and "infamous"

Ngọc SaJul 15, 2023 at 12:35

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Constantly being commented on as a "bad boy", "infamous" on the screen, recently, actor Trong Lan posted a piece of his heart to his future wife's family, to justify himself.

Trong Lan is known as a talented actor with a natural and professional acting style. He made his mark with roles such as the rich prince, the rogue element in the cult series Roses on the left chest, The house g.irl, Happy mask, The judge or Quynh doll.

Recently, Trong Lan returned to the screen with the role of Khai in the movie My family is suddenly happy. In the movie, Khai is the ex-lover of Tram Anh (Kha Ngan). Seeing his ex-lover happy after a breakup, Khai is determined to ruin the married life of Danh (Thanh Son) and Tram Anh (Kha Ngan).

Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wifes family, saying that he was not bad and infamous - Photo 1

Khai is a strong role, so Trong Lan does not face many difficulties. However, because of the successful portrayal of the character's personality, Trong Lan was commented by many viewers to have a "very ugly" and "smug" face. Trong Lan's character Khai also made viewers angry and received many "bricks and stones".

It seems that the actor is also afraid of "losing his image" in front of his parents, especially his future wife's family. Recently, on his personal page, the actor wrote a letter to his family and future wife's relatives to correct that Khai is just one role in many of his roles.

Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wifes family, saying that he was not bad and infamous - Photo 2

Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wifes family, saying that he was not bad and infamous - Photo 3

Trong Lan asserts that behind his "ugly" appearance, his true nature is a b.oy with a cute soul: "Dear, this couple of lines to my family and relatives on the wife's side. the role of Khai in the movie (My family is suddenly happy) people on social networks are commenting that I have a very ugly and ugly face (but overall it looks good, right?).

Through these two lines, I want to share and emphasize that this is just one role out of many of my roles. I know it will make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe. But really, hidden behind the appearance of a bad b.oy is the soul running on the lovely b.oy's operating system.

I really hope that when facing my wife's parents in the future, people will change their view of me with a more beautiful image, no glare, no whining, no c.ursing, okay? So that I can be happy with the one I love! I thank my wife's parents."

Trong Lan's letter quickly attracted the attention of the online community. People also showed interest in the actor's adorable, somewhat childish action.

Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wifes family, saying that he was not bad and infamous - Photo 4

Many colleagues, the audience left comments that although the face is "ugly" but still extremely attractive and handsome: "The face is a bit dirty but attractive"; "You have to have a bad face to be like Trong Lan, everyone"; A cute face with a face that changes very erratically. It's okay to act as a police officer, but the department is also drifting"; "Even though I'm a police officer, I'm still not used to your serious and kind face"...

Trong Lan was born in 1993. He graduated from the Faculty of Drama, Hanoi College of Arts, and currently works at the Hanoi Drama Theater. Trong Lan has a "bad boy" appearance, so the director is often assigned to villain roles. However, the main role is not a barrier for him.

Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wifes family, saying that he was not bad and infamous - Photo 5

Khai is not the only villain of Trong Lan on the small screen. Right from the start of the show with a TV series, Trong Lan has played the roles of unruly, treacherous, and gypsy princes. In particular, the role of Phong "Can" - "prince" Thien Thai in the movie Quynh Doll is the character that brings Trong Lan's name closer to the audience.

Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wifes family, saying that he was not bad and infamous - Photo 6

Trong Lan's appearance is commented by many viewers as being born for the role of playboy. However, not letting himself be "one color" on the screen, Trong Lan also surprised the audience when he "transformed" into a cute, cute country b.oy with the character Loi "cow head" in the movie. movie The way to the flower land. This is also considered the most successful main role of Trong Lan in his acting career.

Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wifes family, saying that he was not bad and infamous - Photo 7

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