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Kicking the Wind 2024: Truong Du Hi was so busy being beautiful that she forgot to sing and took 20 vocal lessons straight away

Chinese stars

16:17:22 24/04/2024
Truong Du Hi was so busy being beautiful that she forgot to sing, which became a popular search phrase after the actress's first performance in Wind Pedal 2024. The beauty quickly announced that she was preparing to take 20 vocal lessons.

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NewJeans parents publicly supported Min Hee Jin, netizens sighed sadly

Korean stars

15:27:40 23/04/2024
Amid the conflict between HYBE and Min Hee Jin, industry representatives revealed that NewJeans parents as well as members all unanimously support the statements and direction of this infamous female CEO.

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Chiquita's mother caused a fever with her beauty like a Kpop idol, extremely "trending".

Korean stars

19:23:30 20/04/2024
The mother of BABYMONSTER's youngest sister - Chiquita posted a trending clip to support her daughter, but unexpectedly it became viral because of her extremely beautiful and youthful beauty. Many people also compare her to having charisma no less than 2nd generation Kpop idols.

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Quang Hai was praised by Trung newspaper: Married to a beautiful wife, life is perfect

H.ot KOLs

18:15:17 20/04/2024
QQ (China) page recently had an article about Quang Hai with the title Marrying a beautiful wife, buying a luxury car, and the perfect life of Vietnamese football star Nguyen Quang Hai.

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HuyR: The only talented guy under 30 years old who still competes in "Brother overcoming thousands of thorns"

Star's profile

13:27:20 20/04/2024
The father of the hit series Miss M52, Anh Thanh Nien, after many events, has become extremely strong with the audience. Recently, he was officially announced as one of the talents who will compete in the first season of the show Brother...

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The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist

Wonderful world

23:28:01 19/04/2024
Each land is associated with festive activities, there are still places in the world today that still hold strange competitions that are unbelievable to many people.

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Tran Duy Minh Dat: young plastic master Duy Tan, the president who 'teared the story out'

Famous people

13:35:49 19/04/2024
Social media platforms are spreading the image of the young man, currently the Operations Director of the family group's branch in the US, graduated with a master's degree from a top school, and has extremely handsome appearance.

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Chu Thanh Huyen responded harshly when being mocked about her biological mother and mother-in-law

H.ot KOLs

13:39:36 17/04/2024
Recently, Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen officially joined the same family with a grand wedding, attracting the attention of many fans. Not only that, the two also announced the good news, preparing to welcome their first c.hild.

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Truong Ngoc Anh was upset about the rumors about her daughter-in-law, Hoang Kieu spoke up

Vietnamese showbiz

15:26:56 16/04/2024
Truong Ngoc Anh expressed frustration about the rumors surrounding her love life. Hoang Kieu's daughter-in-law also officially clarified the rumors about a showbiz couple's relationship.

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Minh Tu burst into tears when he opened the wedding envelope, r.evealing his true self

Beautiful stars

07:39:51 16/04/2024
On the evening of April 13, the wedding of Minh Tu and Christopher was held in Ho Chi Minh City with the attendance of relatives and half of showbiz. After the wedding ended, the new bride emotionally shared a status of gratitude for the love of her colleagues and friends.

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The case of 12 students being poisoned in Nha Trang: the harmful agent has been identified

H.ot news

16:30:30 15/04/2024
Khanh Hoa province authorities were unable to take samples of the food sold on the street that the students ate for testing, so the cause could not be determined.

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Matcha hunter: thrilling jerking series, behind the hottest keyword on social networks

H.ot trend

14:18:52 15/04/2024
In recent days, all social networking platforms from Facebook to Tiktok have been flooded with the keyword Matcha hunter. When clicking on the search bar on social networking platforms, it is not difficult to see that this keyword is popular.

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Tell him to make his c.hild publicyoung plastic master Duy TanTran Duy Minh Datdrag c.hild - Quang Linh vlognewjeansillit•hybeyoutuber poetry nguyendoan Hai mynene formal imagemin hee jinboyshusband miduMidu's fiancédaffodils