Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence

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Not a strange face to TV audiences, Trong Lan, although specializing in supporting roles, still left a mark in the hearts of fans when taking on villainous roles.

Trong Lan was born in 1993, full name is Nguyen Trong Lan, known to the audience when he appeared in a number of popular TV series projects such as Judge, Quynh Doll... In his career, the actor often entrusted by the director to play the villain. Sharing at the program Confessions, he said everything came to him like a chance. However, the male guest confirmed that in real life, he was not as playful and careless as the characters he had participated in. "Friends who have come into contact with me will understand that," he confided.

Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence - Photo 1

Trong Lan added that he was born in a family where no one pursued art. When he was in high school, he was suggested by his sister to try acting. The male guest is grateful that during his time studying at school, "it was the late artist Hoang Dung who pulled me back to make me where I am today".

Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence - Photo 2

Explaining this, actress Quynh Doll confided: "There was a time when I worked part-time in a bar. That environment had many components. I had to be exposed to alcohol and beer. My job I work all week, so I come home drunk every day."

Trong Lan said at that time, he almost lost himself because he saw that he made a lot of m.oney. Specifically, because of the difficult family situation, while he was earning m.oney, the male guest thought about saving his studies. And so he brought this story to share with People's Artist Hoang Dung.

"I still remember the teacher looking at me, then suddenly giving me a slap. I was startled and shivered all over. At that time I knew that he was sad, because I was immature in thinking. How much work and dedication he devoted to him. I did that to students. At that time, I didn't understand the problem," he said.

Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence - Photo 3

According to Trong Lan's share, People's Artist Hoang Dung at that time could not hide his sadness. The male artist told his students: "The most important thing for a man is his career, if he doesn't have a career, he can't do anything". It was the teaching of the actor The Old G.irl with many moves that made Trong Lan come to his senses. Since then, he decided to focus on going back to school. "It was a very memorable time for me," he emphasized.

Let's review the roles that make the audience talk a lot about Trong Lan:

Trong Lan's first roles in The Judge, A Life of Resentment

Trong Lan was taught acting experience directly from the late People's Artist Hoang Dung. After theoretical lessons in the lecture hall. Trong Lan has many opportunities to go to the scene to learn acting experience. Thanks to that, the 9x actor had the opportunity to be assigned the first role in his career, Ba Anh in The Judge. This is a small role that few audiences remember, but it has a special meaning for the actor because this is the first time Trong Lan has appeared on television. Right after that, Trong Lan continued to be invited by a producer at VFC to participate in the movie A Life of Resentment.

Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence - Photo 4

Phong "Can" - Quynh doll, Trong Lan's "lifetime" role

Right after the movie A Life of Resentment was about to end, Trong Lan received the script for the movie Quynh Doll. It can be said that the role of Phong "Can" seems to be born for Trong Lan. He received an invitation to play Phong, the son of the "boss" of Thien Thai restaurant. Trong Lan has portrayed an unruly warm b.oy who plays around and is always overbearing and extravagant, making viewers hate.

Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence - Photo 5

Trong Lan was attracted to the script Quynh Doll from the first pages because of its grit, authenticity, and ability to portray the reality of social life. Sharing about the character Phong, Trong Lan said that this is a more pitiful character than to blame. Despite the unruly and extravagant character, Phong is always lonely in life.

As the son of a "cave" tycoon, Phong also has an "unusual" way of love. He proved to be a debauched playboy, flirting with one g.irl after another. Until meeting Quynh, Phong was hit by "love lightning". He fell in love with Quynh, despite everything, including his life to protect Quynh. The image of a gentleman who is bossy to the world but gentle in front of a g.irl makes Trong Lan's role Phong impress the audience. This is also the role that brings Trong Lan's name closer to the TV audience.

Young Master Cuong - movie The g.irl from someone's house

After the movie Quynh Doll, Trong Lan continued to participate in the film project "Girl from the house". He takes on the role of Cuong, the son of a wealthy textile factory owner in the village. Cuong is a braggart, incompetent and greedy for girls. On the one hand, he pursues teacher Uyen, on the other hand still flirts with Dao, Uyen's younger sister.

Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence - Photo 6

Cuong is an extremely generous powdery man. Cuong flirted with Uyen and offered to marry, Uyen agreed to marry Cuong according to his father's wishes. But just before the wedding day, Cuong went to bed with Dao, Uyen's younger sister. When she knew she was betrayed, Uyen announced the wedding cancellation. Being annulled by Uyen, Cuong got mad and planned to h.umiliate her.

Not only that, Cuong also made Dao pregnant but did not accept. After "compensating" 150 million VND for Dao, Cuong hired someone to block the way to claim back, causing her to miscarry. Trong Lan's character was hated by many viewers from the beginning of the film.

Trong Lan "makeovers" with the role of Loi "cow's head" - movie The way to the flower region

With his characteristic monolid eyes, Trong Lan excellently transformed into the villains so that he was labeled as a "bad boy" on the screen when giving the audience a true feeling about the character in the movie. movie. It was not until the movie The way to the flower region that Trong Lan really "makeover". He surprised the audience with the image of a good-natured country b.oy, completely different from the previous roles Trong Lan had taken.

Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence - Photo 7

Loi is still a son of a rich family, but he has the will to advance, is passionate about starting a business, is ready to protect the g.irl he likes and shows his affection in a naive way. Loi has a beautiful personality and always thinks well of people. In particular, the father-son relationship of Trong Lan and actor Thanh Binh (Mr. Lam) received extremely positive feedback. The good combination of two generations of actors brought laughter to the audience.

Having shared with PV Dan Viet about the father-son relationship on the movie Way to the Flower Land, Trong Lan said: "I wish I could show my love to my father in real life like in the movie. In real life, my father is also a human being. I care a lot about my children, but I don't show it very often. I'm also very shy to have emotional gestures with my father."

Sharing about his chance to play Loi in The Way to the Flower Country, Trong Lan said, this role is an opportunity for him to change the image in the eyes of the audience.

Trong Lan: I once wanted to quit acting to work at a bar, almost lost myself but quickly turned around because of a sentence - Photo 8

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