Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in "Is Life Still Beautiful?"

Bình MinhNov 22, 2023 at 17:08

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Hoang Du Ka is better known to the audience when he plays Son in the movie "Life Is Still Beautiful", this is a role that brings interesting things to him, especially when paired with actor Thanh Huong.

Hoang Du Ka was born in 1988 in Hanoi and grew up in a family with three generations of artists. The actor's grandmother is a famous opera artist at the Youth Theater, and his grandfather, father and brother are all directors. Since he was in elementary school, he has had many acting opportunities.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 1

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Hoang Du Ka is also active at the Youth Theater and is a familiar face to Vietnamese drama audiences. With a tall, chubby appearance, he often plays gangster roles. The most typical example is the character Quat in the movie "The G.irl in Other People's House" which was commented by the audience that only Du Ka could play that role.

Some outstanding television series that Hoang Du Ka participated in: Red Number, Ba Giai Tu Xuat, The Judge.... However, there was a time when the actor left the profession because he thought his appearance was not enough. standard. But his affinity for acting has helped him stick with this profession for more than 10 years, and at the same time become a member of Troupe 2 of the Youth Theater.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 2

With an appearance that is said to be quite special, and often taking on the role of thugs and bad people, many viewers believe that Hoang Du Ka is not an ordinary person. When he played the role of an assassin in the movie "The Judge", his role had no dialogue but only acted with his eyes and appearance.

Because of his appearance, Hoang Du Ka is often directed by directors to play the role of a police officer, a bad person, so many viewers insist that he is a hired thug on the street and not an actor at all. However, it is thanks to these roles that he is better known to the audience.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 3

Even though Quat in "The G.irl in Someone else's House" was just a supporting role and didn't appear on screen many times, he still left an impression on the audience with his catchphrase "lost fortune" during that time. This is also a sentence that young people have mentioned a lot.

When the movie aired, Hoang Du Ka asked relatives and friends how he played the role of Quat on screen. And most of the answers the actor received were that he looked very uneducated and just wanted to give him a b.eating.

And since the movie "The G.irl from Other People's House" aired, Hoang Du Ka seems to have lost her real name. Friends and relatives often jokingly call him "lost fortune" or "lost fortune boy". However, he still felt happy because everyone was impressed with the character he portrayed.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 4

In April this year, Hoang Du Ka confirmed her participation in the series "Life Is Still Beautiful" which attracted attention from the public. Here, he plays the role of the female lead's cheating husband.

With this villain role, Hoang Du Ka also received a lot of "stones" and criticism from the audience, however, he liked this. "The more the audience curses, the more I like it because it means my character has been somewhat successful," the 8X actor shared.

"Is Life Still Beautiful" tells about the lives of Luyen (played by Thanh Huong) and the poor workers making a living at the Long Bien wholesale market (Hanoi) with many realistic and heartbreaking features.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 5

Luyen's husband (named Son by Hoang Du Ka) went to sea and passed away, leaving her and her mother-in-law in debt. After 5 years of trying to pay off debt, she discovered that her husband was actually not dead but was living happily, even having a c.hild with another woman.

Sharing with the media, Hoang Du Ka said that when he was invited to play the role of Son in the movie, and read the script, he was a little worried because he was afraid he wouldn't be "old" enough for the character - an experienced person, working in the profession. fishing, something he had never experienced before.

But Du Ka was also very happy because director Danh Dung trusted him and gave him the role, so he only had to focus on acting and expressing the character's true emotions, and he put everything else aside.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 6

"Fortunately, the audience received the character in a very positive way. When playing the role of Son, both friends, family and the audience "scolded" me: "Oh Son, don't come back again, let me Let Luyen be less miserable, but looking at you, I know that Luyen cannot "live happily". I'm so happy to hear this sentence, because the audience loves the character, so they "warn" me like that in real life... ", Hoang Du Ka opened his heart.

Hoang Du Ka revealed that he has been passionate about acting since he was in 3rd grade. The actor's father - director Hoang Thanh Du - is also the person who has the most influence on him.

When he was young, Du Ka often sat and watched movies with his father, listening to his father analyze the movies, and gradually over the years, he had the habit of liking to watch movies and commenting on the content, roles, and rhythm of the movies, and also to Learn good things from actors.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 7

It is known that the moment he "fell in love" with the role of a villain was when Hoang Du Ka took on the role of Duy the assassin in part 2 of "The Judge". This is also the most impressive role in the actor's career.

Talking about the reason he was repeatedly given the role of villain, Hoang Du Ka said it was probably because he "matched his face". "For the villain role, directors and production organizations will think of actors who have played this type of role to entrust them with. In my opinion, the most difficult thing is how to make this villain different from the other villain." , the actor born in 1988 expressed.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 8

The image in the movie is like that, but in real life, Hoang Du Ka has a completely opposite personality. The actor said that he smiles at everyone he meets and loves to tease people. He is not hot-tempered or shows anger in the crowd. He said that he once thought of quitting acting because he thought he was too ugly.

However, up to now, having decided to choose the acting path, Hoang Du Ka is sure that he will follow the profession to the end. The actor realized that there are many types of roles that have not been tried, and many psychological layers that have not been expressed.

Hoang Du Ka: Born to play a villain, rose to fame thanks to the role of a bad husband in Is Life Still Beautiful? - Photo 9

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